I despise kids!

I truly and completely and unrelentingly despise, loathe and HATE kids! I don't like anything about them! I hate the way they look, how they sound, how they smell--and everything else about them! Now don't get me wrong: I have never hurt a child and never will (but yes, I have definitely thought about it). But I must admit that I have ZERO sympathy for an injured child. I would never lift a finger to help any child who I saw hurt or who needed help. In addition, I would never turn anyone in to CPS who had abused or hurt a child. I simply have no sympathy for an injured kid whatsoever. And no, I don't feel bad about feeling this way.

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  • You're about as annoyingly repetitive as a kid.

  • Well,you was a kid once.So that means,you hated yourself as a child.
    From the looks of,you still do.

    Bless your cold heart,may burn in h*** :)

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