To Small For This

So I have recently found out my boyfriends p**** happens to be 9 1/2 inches. We have fooled around befor and we have had s** but I have been gone for 3 months and it has grown. I am a really tiny girl (5'4 100lbs) and he is (6'4 180 lbs) and he wants to be trough when I get back and he wants to try a***. I am scared, any advice?

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  • Don't do it! It's uncomfortable enough to have vaginal s** with a guy who has an oversized p****. (Guys like to think the bigger the better, but, meh, I don't see what the hype is about.) But to take up from behind?! You'll only end up in the ER explaining to the ER doc and your parents (you're insured thru them, right?) why you're there at 2am being stitched up. Then you'll be the patient of the week at the hospital cafeteria later that day. Seriously. Don't.

  • Yes, don't do it. Its a pain in the A**.
    Anyone who wants to get the dirty stuff on their tool is weird. Perhaps a bit gay!

  • Use a smaller toy and lots of lube

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