Known each other since I was 3

I'm 17 years old and I work in my local pub behind the bar. My next door neighbour who I have known since I was 3 is the head chef at the pub. He is 25. We get on really well and we always have he's really easy to talk to and I can tell him anything. And he can tell me anything. He's in a very serious relationship.

But the past couple of months he's began to flirt with me more than usual which I always just presumed was like you know just banter at work.

Now though the flirting has become physical as well as just sexual jokes towards me. He's constantly telling me how much he wants me and I've started to believe him and I want him too. I know I'm stupid but I've always had a crush on him so I think it's just stemmed from there. It's really hard for us to both fight are desires for one another.

Like before he just said to me should we just do it and I told him no, but it was so hard to say that. He doesn't know I want him as badly as he wants me because I know if he knew then we'd both do something we'd regret.

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  • Live life w/ no regrets. You want him, and he wants you. Whats the problem??

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