Weird friendship

I'm straight but not narrow and I enjoy a few drinks and some food at a pub near my house.

The pub is near a University and a fellow patron there is a transexual from the Philapeans. He could easily pass for a woman.

He's a research scientist at the UNiversity and I find his conversation. While we are talking I can tell hes really got the hots for me. I don't encourage him and I've told him that while I value his friendshp, education and conversation the day will never come when we do anything sexual. Many people from my neighborhood patronizes this pub and if I made the mistake of walking out the door at the same time he did they would know what we had done.

For this reason I always leave before he does.

Is this weird?

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  • This person is a post op. If a peson has a p**** I don't do s** with them.

  • No your fken wierd. Fist of all its a "she". If TS are full transistion then she is considered a female. If she is passible why not bang her. Why let a d*** get in the way? Think of it as a big c***. Btw. Im straight. And transexuals are hot.

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