Neighbor Busted

I stopped at a neighborhood Pub for a quick lunch before going back to work. I was setting waiting for my food to come when the back entrance opened and who walked in but my neighbor's wife with some guy. She didn't see me sitting in the corner, they went into a side area then out of view. I really didn't think much of it at the time, when I was done with my lunch got up to pay my bill, I had to walk by the side area, I was able to see them. She was setting close to him, as I walked by she kissed him, at that point she saw me, having that "oh s***" look on her face. As I walked to the door to leave, I heard my name called, looking back it was her. I stopped, she went right into want I saw, she said " He's an old friend from High School, but please don't tell Tim" I told her no big deal none of my business.

A few days went by I was out watering my lawn in the early evening, she came out of her house crossing the street walking with her dog. She stopped and thanked me for not saying anything to Tim. I told her, like I said "no big deal none of my business" She replied "I really want to keep this between us and if there's anything you want or want me to do for you just asked" I told her, I'm not saying anything to him.

My question to you readers, should I try to get some or just hold to my word and just say nothing?

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  • If you want s** get another woman besides her. If you have s** with her you'll eventually get into the middle of whatever problem shes eventually going to cause her husband.

  • If you sink to her level make sure you have an exit strategy

  • Tell her you had seen them come in and taken a few cell pics.

  • I will do this thing you ask, but someday I may ask a favor in return. Don't do anything with her now, take your time, hold that trump card, and use it later. Don't wait too long, though. Time may come when it won't matter if her husband finds out or not.

  • NO don't do let this woman talk you into a b******, s**, or anything with her, she could just be trying to do something to you so that she is back in power instead of you having all the power, she could quickly turn things bad for you real quick. It would be real nice to tell her to start sucking on it or take it up the ass, but I smell a trap here.

  • He's right. She's setting a trap and trying to get leverage. Stay away!!!!!

  • Tel b**** get on her knees r else

  • If you want too an not put your self in the mix you make her have s** a friend of yours

  • That wouldnt do my c*** much good j******

  • She is careless and that leads to being found out. Stay from her, she will yell and tell.

  • B very nice to her after time ask her out but please not to the local

  • Don't f*** her or you'll be stuck in a horrible position if it comes out.

  • Il b stuck n her p****

  • F*** the s*** out of her. She loves that.

  • Try and get her to have s** with you

  • Say nothing. What you saw will eventually get back to him somehow and you'd rather not be in the picture when it happens

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