Stressing the truck

I love to strain my boyfriends Ram truck. I love to hear the engine straining and struggling. I drive it with the brakes on pretty hard, or I like to push parked cars. If the job is too easy, I apply the brake and then push the cars. One time I did a prolonged burnout and blew a tire. One of these days, I will end up blowing up the engine, and really get my juices flowing! My bf gets off on it too, and is usually sitting next to me when I do these things. We often have s** in the truck right afterwards. It must seem strange, but we both have a kind of fetish about this. I can't get enough, and try to do it several times a week. Oh, and I have to be smoking cigarettes at the time, or its just not as good.

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  • Have you blown up his engine yet?

  • That's just f****** stupid!

  • It will go quicker if you take your foot off the break, only an American would not know that.

  • Someone is going to catch you one day and SMOKE YOUR ASS!

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