I'm an exhibitionist

I have a nice body and I enjoy showing it off, but I gotta be honest. I'm shocked at the number of people who act disapproving or disgusted, or even the number of even guys who will just walk past.

Most of the time I wear clothes that don't take much to reveal something. Either really low cut, or see-through or clingy. I let straps drop off shoulders to cause nip slips and I wear short skirts of thin fabric on windy days with thongs or no panties at all.

I'll almost always make eye contact because I want them to know that I know so they don't need to look away. I'll finger myself or rub my nipples to make them hard.

You get your older women who look disapproving or disgusted, sometimes old men too but not so often. You get your younger women who will out and out call you a w****. You get men who are afraid to look, probably scared their wife will see them looking.

But it's really hard to get a guy to stop and really look or touch. And seriously I'm not h****** the eyes.

I read some other confessions that suggest things I wouldn't have dreamed of but they really are the most successful. Going to where homeless men are, they're always up for seeing some p**** and will suck a t** in a second.

Salesmen in big box stores are awesome because they try to act like they're not looking but they become super attentive and you don't even have to look like you're seriously going to buy a thing and they'll keep looking up prices and warranties but I just keep bending down so they can totally see down my shirt, or turn around so bending over reveals my bare p**** lips.

Or I'll stand there looking them in the face while I pinch and twiddle my nipples. It's a hoot.

I also like going into women's stores (which will remain nameless) where the clerks are actually helpful, but I call them to the dressing room to help me with zipping things or making things fit that don't. Everything so they have to touch my body. They are so serious like we're solving world poverty, while I'm making them feel my boobies to see if bra cups fit right. It's hilarious.

I love it when a blouse just slips off my nipple so I can legitimately look like I don't know it's showing. I've actually had some people concerned and reach out to help me to cover up.

Black women in the big box shoe stores are the best. I'll sit down on a bench or the floor and be trying to push my foot into a boot with my legs spread apart and my skirt pulled up. Those b****** will either help when asked or some even try to help on their own, even customers! But black b****** they be like, girlfriend you got your va-jay-jay out for the world to see!

I was most surprised to see the reaction on nude beaches. I would of thought that I'd get away with public masturbation there easily but if I start doing that somebody almost always comes over to tell me in a sanctimonious manner that inappropriate behavior is frowned on. I'm thinking well just cover up my behavior with your little frown-y mouth. But they don't have a sense of humor.

But I just love any attention I get to my body at all. Good or bad, as long as they're looking - or, hopefully, touching. I don't want to be touched but if it's someone's lucky day maybe they'll finger f*** me or suck on me. It's a shame adult theaters aren't around anymore.

I'm open to suggestions where I should expose myself or publicly m********* or ways to do it so I will be seen by an appreciative audience. I love to get h**** so sweet innocent oopsy displays are not usually my style but I'll take what I can get. I love the great outdoors and I'd love to find someplace where I can sit in my parked car and expose myself and play with myself. I've only found limited success at truck stops but mostly because you can sit in a parking lot for a long time before anyone comes or goes to even know you're there.

And I have no interest in exposing myself to cops. That's a no-no.

Nov 1

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  • My wife and I went to a place where people go to have outdoor s**, and when a guy was watching us she pulled her ass cheeks wide apart and told him to kiss her bum, when he came over he had his massive c*** out, and my little p**** went soft and slipped out of my wifes p****, she bent down and started to suck my p**** with her p**** and ass up in the air, the guy was looking at her ass and looked at me, and I said put it in, so he got behind my wife and she pushed her ass against his massive c*** and gasped, and she looks at me and I smiled, then my little p**** got so hard as she kept pushing her self against him taking all of his c***, then she turned around and said f*** my ass, and grabbed his c*** and shoved it into her p****,

  • Wish you lived in Tucson, I love women's bodies, would play with them 16 hours a day. Hey, I gotta eat, more than just p****

  • Nice and normal. Might I suggest D****** locations, adult bookstores, swingers clubs, unofficial nude beaches, boats, strip clubs, coworkers and the internet. I recently was surprised when a coworker 'accidentally' sent me a nudie pic. She was playing with her husband and he put her up to it. She selected me as she hoped I wouldn't be upset or report her. She sends me full p***** of her now. She wants more of me but I don't see her that way

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