Naked treat

My hubby goes out with his mates on a Friday night and when he comes home he is really h**** and f**** me like a w****, he has asked me a few times to f*** other men, I'm unsure as I'm chubby with heavy hangers(42gg)
Last week I decided to give him a treat a showered put on a mini nighty with no undies and f***** my cuny with my favourite d**** and when I knew he would be home I popped one t** out, pulled the nighty up to show my shaven cuny and pretended to be asleep as he put his key in the door, I was wet in anticipation, eyes close.
The door opened and I heard someone say f****** h***, he had brought someone back, my cuny tingled with excitement and they both f***** me

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  • I have always wanted a threesome and i asked my wife if she would do one, she she will have to think about it so i never asked again. but one night i came home from the pub and walked into the lounge and there was my wife sitting in the chair stark naked and also my young next door neighbour, she looked at me and surprise surprise are you up for a threesome, i was out of my cloths and stark b****** naked in five minutes flat and s******* them both one after another. It turn out the neighbours husband was away for the night and my wife invited her over for the night, and what a night we had. She said next time she will bring her husband for a foursome, i just caught wait

  • My husband want to f*** you, b**** he talks about you when he's f****** me. I have to suck his c*** twice a day so my t*** get bigger? But tank you I have had more f**** in the last week than in the whole of last year. He wants me to have a threesome

  • Glad I have got you the f**** you need, I bet you t*** are lovely the way they are. Make sure, if you are going to have a threesome he is going to be ok with it and not get all jealous. Not many men can handle seeing their wife f***** by another man

  • You are all whores who take black c***

  • Sad w*****, no one has mentioned a black c***. Iv never one but, what's you problem?

  • After reading this and the comments I have gotten too h**** for just a d**** workout, I am gonna go out back and see if I can get the old guy next door to c** in my mouth. He is always out there looking at me when I am out there sunbathing, lets go see what he has got in him and get it in me. Talk to you later girls.

  • Well girl go for it, hope you get a full mouthful. Let me know how you get on Sue x

  • Yes I love black c*** and sucking them but I'm black and prefer white c***, I love taking white c*** in my black shaven p****, then in my mouth, yum

  • Did you suck the bloke next doors c*** and got a mouth full of s****?
    Last night my hubby was f****** me doggy and I told him what you were going to do, he f*** me really hard, my big t*** swinging, he spunked deep into my cuny, then licked me out.
    I woke him this morning sucking his c***, a great start to the day as its his 60th birthday

  • Like you I am plump but with medium-sized bust but I also dressed in my white see-through nightie and presented to be asleep on the sofa when my husband and a couple of his mates came home one night because my husband keeps asking if I would f*** his mates so this time I didn't disappoint him and I will admit that I loved every minute after the initial embarrassment of the comments of him and his mates

  • I have a mate who likes us all to do his missus. I cannot understand it myself.
    We go back to his place and she is there usually with one or two of her friends and sometimes her twin sister. We get straight into some serious bukkake, you should see what those girls do with the man cream!
    ps they are all quite big girls but of varying bust sizes, the dirtiest one being the one with the smallest boobies.
    I look forward to Fridays I can tell you. We are now all planning a camping holiday away, man that could be wild.

  • How many times have you done this? This was my 1st and I loved it. How many have you had at one time, id like 3 or 4 but unsure as I lack experience. Your advise would be appreciated x

  • Hi darling, thank you, the comments are embarrassing but when two men have a nipple each in their mouth and are fingering your cuny. Then f*** you it's wonderful, also sucking their c**** after and they get hard again hubby can call me a fat s*** as often as he likes. I know he loves me

  • Do you like the taste of c**? I do, I love it but I only ever drink my hubbies j***. They say it makes your b**** bigger, anyone know if it does. I don't care if it does ot it doesn't I just love the feeling when it explodes in your mouth.

  • F*** I hope drinking s**** doesn't make you t*** bigger, mine are way to big as it is and I cant stop c*** suckin, I love it.

  • Perhaps that's why your t*** are so big honey. But I take a lot of c** in my mouth and my t*** are only medium sized but I do work out a lot.

  • I bet you have gorgeous t*** but keep on taking c*** in your mouth, are you going to try swallowing someone else's s****?

  • I will swallow the c** of any guy I go out with. Go to a movie with a guy and get him to c**, if it is during a quiet bit you can have good fun with him. Once a girl in front of us turned round to give us a piece of her mind and she looked right at me and screamed. My date was a bad shot and most of it was on my face, she went hysterical.

  • Aw c**, I love it.

  • Iv always loved the taste of s****, until last week I had only tasted hubbies.

  • She his k*** swells and you know what's c****** make my cuny tingle, he's a big spunker and fills my mouth. I can recommend swallowing other men's, I want more after trying it

  • Nice!

  • Thank you

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