Friend's Girlfriend

I think my best friend's girlfriend loves me. Whenever we three are together she constantly, playfully insults her boyfriend and tells him how much better I am then him, Like we are in some sort of fake relationship. When I was hanging out with her once while my friend was at class it seemed like she was coming on to me really strong. I left to "do a project". What's ironic is that she is extremely possessive of him and gets angry when he even says hi to other girls in her presence.

H***, I could just be crazy though.

Even as I write it seems less and less likely, maybe that's just me trying not to believe it.

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  • Could be a number of reasons why she acts the way she is. Yes, she could like you and wants to see how you respond. Maybe having you "like" her, boosts her ego. She flirts with you to make her boyfriend jealous, get a reaction. When you guys are out, is it just the three of you? She may also flirt with you to so you don't feel like a third wheel. Do you like her? or do you just like the attention?

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