I slept with a married man

I woke up feeling lost and guilty this morning. I met up with an ex-boyfriend last night. He contacted me and asked to catch up. We have not seen each other in over 4 years. I saw that he was married on Facebook but figured it would be nice to catch up see what he had been up too we had dated in our early 20's and now as we are approaching our 30s. We met up and it was surprisingly good, the conversation was natural and friendly and we talked about the past a bit and why we broke up. I asked him about his marriage and he seemed embarrassed at first but later told me that he had married his mother sisters daughter so that she would be able to come to the states. He seemed pretty distraught and regretful about the decision and has apparently told his family that he wants to end the marriage because its a sham but his family is pretty set on him continuing the marriage and hoping that "they end up liking each other" (which i find a little gross but that's his culture). He told me that the women he married--his wife is still trying to make the marriage work despite from what he tells me he continues to communicate to her that he does not feel the same way and did this to help her. She is currently not in the US from what i gathered appears to be dragging out the paperwork process on her end to come to the US.
In that same conversation he told me that he had always wanted to contact me throughout the years but figured i would not give him the time of day. Lastly he asked if i would wait for him as in give him some time to fix this situation so that we can have a chance. He also told me he felt aweful that he was even posing this idea to me ( he looked like he was about to cry at this point so i figure he was being honest he had never been the type of person so be openly emotional.)
He ended up sleeping over my house as he drove 30 minutes to meet me and didn't want to risk the possibility of getting pulled over since we had a few drinks at a local bar around where i lived. And we slept together...
Now I feel like a like a complete idiot and guilty because at the end of the day he's married and i knew that. I have no idea what i'm doing.

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  • He had a greencard wedding, which is not a real one. Don't worry. She'll leave as soon as she gets her papers. This is more common than you think. Continue to have a romantic relationship with him knowing that he's being honest with you and he's a good guy for doing so. She's only making their marriage "work" only because she needs the minimum time so she can get her residency. Know that this is total BS. She probably has a bf in her home country and will run to him as soon as this farce is over. You both seem to have real chemistry and don't end it just because he made a poor decision by being pressured by his parents. Don't hold any grudges against them either. They're saving this girl from a dismal future by convincing their son to help this girl.

    As for him feeling badly about it, he'll probably feel better if he knows that he can still have a normal relationship with you.

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