The Day I got fired from a pay phone company

My manager was a small woman with a small voice. I misunderstood her and I went for a drug test. Apparently she didn't want me to go that day. It took an hour and when I got back she told me she was going to discipline me. She went to her managers and they told her to fire me.

That wasn't what she wanted to happen but she should have known better than to blab like that. It was a bad termination not that any firings are good.

Ok this disqualified me from collecting unemployment but I found other work almost immediately. S**** them.

In the meantime the owner of this company went to prison for some years for defrauding his customers and of course pay phones are now a thing of the past.

While I hate that my former employees were out of a job I also felt that karma had caught up with those morons. I mean I got fired for doing what I thought was the right thing to do.

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