Oops ;)

Female. 16. My partner in chemistry class and I were always pretty close. I'm straight but i was always so attracted to her. She always wore the tightest shirts and leggings, turning me on. One day at lunch, i had realized that i had not finished the chemistry homework from last night so i asked her if we could meet in the bathroom so i could copy her paper. Of course she agreed. And so we met, and before you know it i was half way done copying the paper, she was standing pretty close to me but i really mind. I looked up to ask her a question about how she answered one of the questions, but as soon as i looked at her, she automatically started kissing me. I was so in shock. Our breaths were so close and it was a pretty good makeout. Soon enough, we made it into the biggest stall because getting caught would be horrible. still making out, we pulled each others shirts off slowing. i was wearing a skirt and a polo shirt while she was wearing skinny jeans and a spaghetti shirt. at this point we were shirtless and had only bras on. She had huge b****, which made my p**** tight. Plus, a sexy body. Slowly but surely, she made her way from making out, to giving me kisses above my b****. before i knew it, her fingers slipped into my tight and surely wet v*****. i was so confused but so turned on. i gave her a shocked look as they slipped in and as she roller her index finger around my c***. she gave me a reassuring look and i let her continue. it felt sooooo nice to have this sexual feeling for her, satisfied. i was moaning so hard and she covered my mouth with her other hand that was rubbing my v*****. soon enough, i came so hard, my panties were so wet but i didn't want to leave her unsatisfied. Before i knew it, we were against the bar in the bathroom, and i was on my knees licking her wet, wet p****. Rolling and rotating my tongue around her c*** as i fingered her. she had the kinkiest bra and underwear on. hearing her moan so loudly was a great compliment. ugh yes, finally she came too. soon enough we had gave each other a last kiss good bye and were both late to 5th period, oops! being able to confess about this is great, we now meet at each others houses, once every few weeks, convincing our parents we are having regular girl sleepovers, when actually we f*** really hard. I love life

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  • I'm 60 and bi, my husband is ok with me having lesbian trists I love it

  • Good for you girls

  • I feel myself in the middle.........

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