Happy birthday

My wife is a very attractive 35 year old, I love her body but as with every woman she doesn't, I have been bugging her to let me "Toss her salad" for years and she has always hated the idea or at least she claims she does. On a few occasions she has let me rub her bum hole with my finger but always made it out like she didn't enjoy it, To be honest I think it's more the idea of it that has always made her shy away more so than the actual feeling.
Last night was my birthday and she was prepared to perform her wifely duty and put out, After the kids were in bed and asleep we were watching a movie and snuggling on the couch, She had her hand under the blanket jerking me off and finally said "Lets go to bed". She showered before bed as always and came out of the bathroom in some nice negligee, She crawled into bed and I was going down on her, She flipped one leg over my head and folded a pillow, Put it under her hips stickin her beautiful, round bum in the air. She always says that is her favorite position for oral but she has always pushed my head back down if i start to drift to far up and get close to her bum hole.
My wife has the greatest ass, Not real small but round and firm and just great, So I start licking her and she's getting into it, I start to work my way up from her c*** to her hole than I flick the area between her two holes a little and she seemed to be enjoying that, she was moaning and groaning and breathing heavy so I wet my thumb and gave her little pink bum hole a rub and she moaned "Not inside", Needless to say I was rather excited that she was letting me play with it and as I worked my way up she didn't seem to be putting up her usual fight against it, I reached around and started rubbing her c*** and then went for it, I licked her bum hole and she moaned a bit but more of a moan of disapproval but didn't push me away so I continued, Pretty soon she was actually pushing her bum back against my face and I was fully licking her bum hole, I rubbed her c*** and licked her bum hole then slid two fingers in her p****, Found her G-spot and started rubbing it as I licked her, She started to twitch and moan and after only a few seconds she came, She moaned "Oh fuuuuccckkkk that's good, Fuuuucccckkk yeah" and then buried her face in the pillow and moaned as she reached back, grabbed my head and held my face into her ass while shaking and moaning and then I felt my hand get all wet, I don't know if she squirted or not but she has never came that hard before.
I kept going and after she finished coming she pushed me away and in heavy breaths moaned "Stop, stop, stop", she laid there with her bum sticking up for a few seconds before moaning as she pulled the pillow out from under her and rolled onto her back, I looked at her and said "Hmmm, Not so bad", She looked at me and said "Go was your face and brush your teeth, i did and came back and tried to kiss her, She pushed me away and said "ewww, I don't think so", she slid under the blankets and gave me head then swallowed and we both went to sleep.
Well, Here's to hoping she is maybe rounding the corner on having her bum licked.

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  • It was my wife's ass that first attracted me to her, perfectly shaped ass-cheeks, round and firm, leading out to hips that were ready for action, and thighs that tapered so smoothly and just begged to be parted to reveal her delicious p****. But for three years we dated and two years of marriage, she refused to let me into her awesome ass. Until one hot August night with a bottle of Jack and a couple joints. After play-wrestling I pinned her down with an arm around one of those shapely thighs and her ass in my face. I told her that I should shove my c*** into it to prove I won the match, her reply took me by surprise but I did not give her time to reconsider, she said "if you think you can get it in, go for it". Moments later she was trapped in the corner of the room with blankets twisted around her legs and my c*** pressing against her ass-hole. She moaned and tried to escape but I was determined and held her in place as my c*** -head snapped into her beautiful butt. She squealed but could not get away and I slowly forced my c*** deeper into her. It was a sight I'll never forget, my throbbing c*** in my wife's ass and her beginning to shake. Once I had over half of my eight inches into her she began to plead for me to take it out, but all that mattered to me was getting it into her and enjoying myself. I eventually got it all into her luscious ass and after pumping her slow and easy for a while, I let her have it. She did stop begging for me to take it out and submitted to my thrusting until I shot my load into her lovely ass. When I pulled out, I untangled her from the blankets and lifted her onto the bed, expecting her to tear a strip off me for using her like I did, but instead she told me she was happy that I took it, because she knew she would never have let me do it. From that day on, whenever we drank Jack, she'd offer me the beautiful prize and during the third time I pounded her, she had an unbelievable o*****.

    Just a suggestion.

  • On the right road.

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