Odd experience with my mistress!

So I see a dominatrix mistress almost weekly, I'm married but I need my fix of being dominated. She is of similar age (35/36), brunette, around 5'7 so with heels she is taller than me, super slim, tight body, big b****, gorgeous olive skin.

I've seen her so often, I just call that I'm coming send she knows what I want. She usually opens the door dressed like a businesswoman, grabs my b**** hard and tells me I'm late and in trouble. She makes me strip and laughs at my d*** and then locks it up in the cage I gave her a very long time ago. She then puts a ball gag in my mouth and ties my hands together. She leaves me for a few minutes and then comes back in some form of pvc lingerie or super slutty outfit before she begins kicking my b****. It causes me great pain but is so exhilarating at the same time. Occasionally she whips my ass and asks me what my wife would think if she ever saw the whip marks, obviously I can't answer as I'm gagged. Then she puts on her strapon, bends me over and starts probing my a****** until she is in. She f**** me for around 10 minutes, my d*** is bulging hard in its cage, I'm biting h****** the gag, then she comes round and frees my mouth so I can suck on the strapon, when she knows my halls are aching too much, she lies me down, brings a chair near, undated my d*** and then gives me a footjob. At this point I c** within seconds to which she laughs and makes me lick her feet clean, which is always a struggle after I've c**. I pay and the leave. She always gives me a passionate kiss and tells me to come back soon. I adore her.

Yesterday was different however. She always teases about how sissy I am and makes me agree with her I am a gay slave. So this time as I'm getting f***** in the ass, she walks in front of me, confused I look back and find a guy f****** me instead. He blew me a kiss and rammed my ass harder. My mistress just giggled. She then released my gag and before I could say anything filled my mouth with her strapon. I was getting spit roasted hard. I didn't know what to think but my d*** was raging hard in the cage. Then they both pulled out and swapped around, to which I was now sucking this guy's d*** in a condom. After a few minutes, my mistress said if i suck him off I'll get the session for free, I didn't react so he pulled out of my mouth, took of the condom and put his uncovered d*** in my mouth. It was warm and veiny, and throbbing. Within a minute he was c****** in my mouth. It wasn't horrid. It tasted disgusting, and was thick, a weird lumpy creamy warm milkshake in my mouth. My mistress yelled swallow so I did. I was too dazed to realise what I had done. Then she said good boy, do I want a b******* for being a good slave. I replied yes without hesitation. She put my ball gag back in and tied my hands up above me to a bar on the ceiling. Then without ant notice, this guy started sucking my d***. I didn't realise my mistress was laughing away calling me a sissy f***** I was so shocked. He was good though, I couldn't hold back, so I shot my loud in his mouth and he swallowed without hesitation. He then left. I shortly after got dressed again. As I was leaving my mistress said next week would be back to normal, but now I'm a real sissy as I've had a real c*** so I'm her favourite and she'll arrange treats for me now and again. I don't know what to think now but I'm going back on Tuesday.

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  • So I went back for my booked session not knowing what to expect, she answered the door wearing lingerie and a huge strapon. We started kissing passionately, getting on the bed and unlike before, I was on my back legs in the air while she f***** me, whilst kissing. Things have changed but she is still dominating me. Then she left the strapon in my ass while she gave me a b******. £200/hr gets you a lot of filth.

  • I couldn't wait until Tuesday so I called her to ask wtf happened. She didn't seem to bothered and reminded me I had sucked off a guy and swallowed and was happy receiving a b****** from him too. She laughed and called me a sissy saying she has been f****** me in the ass regularly for the last 3 years and then go home to my wife pretending to be a real man. She then baited me and said if I thought I was a real man I should show her.

    So I went straight over and when she answered I charged through, grabbing her, stripped her naked, threw her on the bed, gagged her mouth, tied up her hands to the posts at the end of the bed, then stripped myself and did t hesitate to ram my d*** in her. For over 3 years she has only ever f***** my ass and given me handjobs or footjobs after. Now I'm f****** her unprotected. She didn't resist much but when we did I slapped her face. Then I started slapping her t*** until the started to look red. Before long, I was ready to finish so I rammed harder until I lost it and came like mad inside her.

  • What the f*** had I done? I had f***** my dominatrix. I untied her and she stood up ungagging herself, I didn't know what to do, she stroked her p**** and then tasted her dummy finger. Then with no warning she kicked me so hard in my b****. I went down hard, she kicked me a few more times, I was blinded with pain and the she slapped me so hard, then sat on my face and made me lick her p**** clean while my b**** tingled with pain. She then squeezed my b**** while we kissed passionately for ages, it must have been 10 minutes before she finally gave me a real b******. But she was rough, biting my d***, scraping her teeth up and down it, squeezing my b**** until I came again and then she spat my c** out onto her t*** and made me lick them clean. She then kicked me harder than ever in my b**** like never before, the pain was on another level and then told me to get out. I left about 15 mins later after I could finally walk again. She is mad but I love her!

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