Break up or not break up

I started dating this guy the end of high school year, and we ended up going to 2 different colleges. long distance is hard. and as everyone know, it is a better choice to be single during college. i know that too. but we have been dating for a year and half, he is just a very sweet man and he actually thinking about marry me one day. I argue with him that no one can be with one girl from 19 to 70. it's impossible and ridiculous. i asked for open relationship, he said no. But i just can not only date ONE person for the rest of my life. that's just impossible. should i break up with him so me and him can be free and have an actual college life?

Sep 5, 2015

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  • Don't stay with him because you are afraid you'll hurt him. Be honest with what you're feeling and what you want and need. Hearts heal. It takes time..but you have to lead your own life. He will deal with whatever happens.

  • Look, he really loves you. i was in the same situation as you, but in the guy's position. i didn't want to date around, i just wanted her. all i can say is this, he wants this because he truly treasures you above all other things-- some dudes are a little softer and are just like that. if you dont feel the same, then dont lead him on to think you do. for real, you gotta go with what you're feeling. it's gonna hurt a lot for him, and also for you, but it's gotta happen if you don't feel the same, or at least don't think you could feel the same.

  • You both don't want the same things in life. He wants to date only one woman. You want to date around. Break up with him before he guilts you into staying.

  • Well some people can date only one person. Is it each their own. You need to do what's best for you. Evrn if you two were going to the same college it may not be the best idea to stay together. If you two are really meant to be, you'll meet up again. But for now, if you want to see other people than break up with him...

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