I wonder.

It's been 20 years and yesterday was the first day I have thought about it in many years, Yesterday I was at a family gathering at the lake and my uncle had one or two too many and dozed off in his chair, Everyone was giggling about it and I sat looking at him wondering about something.
As I looked at him sitting in his chair my aunt made a comment about how after 3 beer he could literally pass out standing in a corner of a room which got me wondering about other things, I am 36 and 20 years ago we had an encounter, I sneaked out of my tent while my family was partying coincidentally at another family gathering 20 years ago at a different lake, I returned from my walk and had just sneaked back into my tent when I heard a sound, I looked out the vent window and seem my uncle, The same man standing off to the side by the trees just standing there.
I watched him for a couple minutes and realized he was...or...Had been taking a pee but he was taking an excessivley long time and I got out of my tent, Whispered "Uncle Rob" and got no reply, I walked a bit closer and did it again with no reply and then stepped right up behind him and whispered again and simply got a deep breath in and out and nothing else, Being a curious teen at the time just sort of coming into my own I leaned around him and took a peek and....OK, keep in mind that at the time the only ones I had seen was my then "Boyfriend" who I only seen a couple times before that and later found out was not even what you would call average and my younger brother so my uncles d!ck at the time looked like a frickin policemans flashlight hanging there, I have no idea if it actually is that big but at the time I sure thought it was huge.
So I was standing there looking at his huge d!ck hanging there and whispered his name again and got zero response, Like nothing so I looked toward the campers and everyone was on the other side just talking quietly around the fire so I went back and looked him right in the face, Reached down and wrapped my hand around his shaft and I remember being so nervous, I was probably shaking and couldn't believe I was actually touching it, I started stroking it gently and He got a little harder but not all the way and I thought my heart was beating loud enough to wake the whole campground.
I looked around and leaned over kissing the top of the shaft, Then licked it and then I even started sucking it, Basically the minute it was in my mouth I could feel it get hard, He took another deep breath in and out and then put his hand on the tree to steady himself, I looked up at his face and he still had his eyes closed, I don't remember how long it lasted but it wasn't long and his hips tensed up, I didn't know what the warning signs were back then so I kept going and then it happened again and he made a little grunt sound and came in my mouth. Have you ever tried to gag quietly or silently, Almost impossible but I gagged and spit it out, Kept stroking and it wasn't like he shot a huge load and was done, Almost every guy I have ever been with has came the same, Shoot, Pause, Shoot, Pause but he came and I pulled away but it was more like a steady stream of come and that's one thing that always stood out to me was that it did shoot sort of but it was a stream, Like it didn't fully stop until it was basically done, I was panicking and still gagging but I didn't know whether to stop or not so I kept stroking it until he was just dripping which no word of a lie was like a 4 second full stream of come.
Thank god it was dark out, I milked it dry and wiped it off hurriedly with my hand and bolted back to my tent leaving him standing there, I was still trying not to gag as I still had my first taste of come in my mouth and I don't remember how long it was before I heard my dad laugh and say "Rob...The f*** man, Where have you been", Uncle Rob grunted and mumbled something and dad said "Put your d*** away and go to bed man", I heard uncle Rob mumble some more and then heard footsteps wander off as my dad laughed and said "Whoop, Not that way, Over here", I don't know how long it was but I remember thinking I almost got caught.
So here is what I wonder, When he gets drunk and passes out do you think his subconcious remembers that time or no....I don't know why I wonder but I do. Also he is married to my moms sister so no to the weirdos we are not blood related.

Jul 14

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  • Lol the weirdos ....not the guy sucking pissy drunk uncle d*** but the people asking if they were blood related

  • Very sexy memory.

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