I am a housewife and my husband and I recently moved into a new housing development out in the country. Right now there are only four other families living on our street and when they and my husband are gone to work everyday I regulary walk up and down our street nude. I also wash the car, garden, and sit on the porch for most of the day while nude.

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  • My older sister's first apartment building was similar. Not very populated, and in the middle of not much. Being a free spirit, she'd often hang around the apartment naked or topless, and, extend that to quick, outdoor duties like going to her car for whatever, getting her mail (which required a walk across a parking lot), or to the storage shed. Not sure how many times she did any of the outdoor stuff naked, but, do know she'd go for her mail topless fairly often. Or, at the minimum, leave her robe undone while walking across the lot.

    I remember being there when a UPS guy had a drop-off, leaving it with her. She went outside to the porch, naked, signed for it, and gave the guy his thrill for the day..

  • Do you need a gardener? My expertise are bush maintenance, clipping, pruning and ensuring they are kept moist and ensuring that the roots are healthy with direct liquid injection.
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  • Where do you live? I could walk my dog passed your door xx

  • I think you shouldn't be doing that unless you wanted to get caught. Go join a nude club instead. Play safe & smart to live out you fantasy.

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