Mom is going to be scarred for life.

My girlfriend and I were getting it on and got caught by her mom, Her mom is single and never did marry her dad who I don't really know what his situation is in her life, she doesn't ever mention him but anyway we had skipped class and were getting it on and her mom came home in the middle of the day for whatever reason, Must have heard us and came to bust us but she got a little more than she expected.
My girlfriend is crazy, Hot and has big b****, She loves it dirty and is always the one to come up with new and exciting stuff and I think she almost gave her mom a literal heart attack, We set up my phone, She did a strip tease for me and had put some clothes pins on her nips, I had to but 50 just to get two but it was worth it, I was laying on my back, she was squatting over my face with me tossing her salad, clothes pins on her nips, Her d**** in her vag and leaning back against the wall while I jerked myself.
She loves to watch me come and we were right there, She was moaning and I could tell she was about to finish, I can get some good distance and she was telling me to try and see if I could get it on her, She just started to come and her ass was shaking as I shoved my tongue in it, I just shot my first load, Like it wasn't even all the way out yet and the door flung open, Her mom yelled "What the...Oh my god Cassie, Oh my god, Stop that", My girlfriend jumped up and screamed "Mom what the f***", I couldn't stop and looked her mom right in the eyes as I shot my second load across the bed and onto the floor, Her mom screamed "Oh my good god", I was honestly trying to stop it and was squeezing my d*** to try and stop but as I stood up I came again and her mom yelled at me "Micheal...Stop jerking off".
I was so far gone and couldn't even stand up, I was hunched over and came again on the floor as her mom said "What the f***", Cassie took off her clothes pins and her mom yelled at me to get dressed while she stood there the whole time, I made sure to show her my d*** as much as I could before it went soft and she didn't even try to make it look like she wasn't looking, When I pulled my pants up I went to say something and she said "Don't, Just f****** go home...NOW".
I took the out, Grabbed my phone and bolted, I watched the video and there is no way to deny that i am tossing her salad when her mom walked in, The next day Cassie told me she is grounded for ever and her mom made her clean up the floor, Luckily it is hardwood so it would have been easy but her mom sat her down and explained the dangers of "Nipple clamps, A***, and not using condoms", The whole thing is hilarious to me and I can't wait to see her mom again LMAO.

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  • The mom was watching because she definitely wants to have you!
    This could be your lucky day, you could be with her mom instead!!!

  • Kid go do your homework you know nothing.

  • Person who said you know nothing, it's clear that the mom wants him! And instead of being with daughter he can be with mom!

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