End of my innocence

The other day my cousin and I were watching TV and out of the blue he asked if he could touch my nips, I looked down and they were hard just for no reason, I told him not to be gross but he kept asking and then offered to show me his p**** so I thought about it for a minute and then said "Ok".
He took his pants off and I took my shirt off, I laid on my back and he straddled my stomach and we were just palying and touching and then he started moving up more, He started rubbing it on my b**** and then leaned over my face and put it in my mouth, I was sucking and he twitched, I pushed him back and said "don't you F'ing dare" and he shoved it back in my mouth and all of a sudden a shot of sperm came out into my mouth, I pushed him back and he came again and it landed on my chest, I was like "F no" and then his mom...Well, Step mom but she has been since he was 2 so she is his mom screamed b***** murder. "Oh my F'ing god, What are you doing?", He came again and got it on my face, In my hair and on my chest, She screamed "No Jacob" and he came again, I had it in my mouth, On my b****, All over my face and couldn't open my eyes, I was wiping my face and gagging and crying and getting yelled at and he came the last time.
His mom grabbed him and pulled him off me screaming "What the F are you two doing?, get upstairs", She grabbed my wrist and sat me up then took me by the hand which is kinda gross since I was dripping in sperm and had it all over my hands, She started the shower and told me to get in, she said "don't open your eyes, You'll regret it" and then I heard the door slam, Like SLAM. I could hear screaming as I showered and when I was done I just sat in the bathroom wrapped in a towel, I knew eventually I had to come out but put it off until she opened the door, She looked in and said "Are you ok".
I looked at her and she stood there, Nodded her head and came in closing the door, She sat on the tub facing me and said "Ok...Ok, Ok...I get it...Sort of, You're curious but you know that's wrong right?, Like way wrong right?", I nodded and she told me to get dressed, When I was dressed she sat us down, Explained about curiosity and how it was normal but that it was wrong to be cuious about each other and DEF wrong to touch each other. She agreed to not tell anyone if we agreed never to do it again so obviously we agreed and I bolted as fast as I could, Locked myself in my room and cried.

Oct 28, 2020

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  • Been there done that. Fuqed all my cousins and 5 uncles.

  • Just put it away, Stick it in the back of your mind, It's not the most awful thing you could have done. Things happen and it was a life choice and it's not like you are in love with him, I sucked off my cousin and let him finger me when we were teens, We are both now married with families, It was a one time experimental thing and never happened again, I honestly don't even think about it and I see him all the time.

  • Keep using the word gross does not convince anyone here you are not some basement dwelling chump 65yo man hoping to come back here and jerkHim self silly to comments, fuckoff

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