I hate how people smell in the US

I visited America ( Cali ) in a holiday and I regret it, people were smelling like p*** and pee.. when I pass a crowded places I literally cover my nose. Like, cant you take a shower ? At least wash your a**** after taking a fuc*ing sh*t!!

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  • You sound like Eurotrash.

  • You think its bad here go to mexico on taco tuesday

  • No wonder people are sick so much. You can't even get people to wash their damn hands much less bathe everyday!

  • Love it. LOVE IT. Thanks for your candor. Martin Lawrence got banned from Saturday Night Live for saying something very much like this. I appreciate your being honest about this.

  • What did he say ?

  • Not sure what the commenter was referring to but it may have been this:
    and then you can see Jon Hamm's satirical take on THAT here:

  • Most of the American don't wash their hands after P***

  • Speak for yourself, Stinky!

  • Here's an idea....stay the f*** out of the US!

  • Instead of getting butthurt go take a f****** shower.

  • YOU stink.

  • Guys, I wrote this confession for you, I want you all to be clean and smell good. Wake up!

  • Were you hanging out with the homeless? There are different social stratas and the more affluent tend to be cleaner and practice good hygeine, or at least in theory. Try to hang out in Beverly Hills next time. I have no idea which segment of the population you've been smelling, but it sure ain't me with my daily baths and my 45 minute post bath ritual.

  • Lol why would I hang out with homeless ? I was in a makeup shop and this one girl who was dressed in a good way, but oh my god she killed me with how she smelled.

  • I totally agree with you


  • If im home I wash my ass right after I s***. Nothing worse than f****** a girl doggy style and spelling ass at the same time.

  • Most non Americans think Americans take too many baths. I don't know where your from but theres more body odor in europe than there is in most parts of America. Canadiens smell the worst by the way.

  • Lol - I went to LA & Hollywood once and couldn't believe how nasty it is there NEVER AGAIN!

  • I bet you went to the Walk of Fame and Hollywood and Highland. Those are seedy areas. Why didn't you visit Rodeo Drive or Santa Monica Pier instead? Your tour guide is terrible and tacky. Don't let this tiny part of LA represent Southern California. There are tons of clean and desirable places to visit, not the cheesy tourist traps that give us a bad reputation.

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