I will not pay for your ex wife's mistakes!

My husband is a wonderful man. He loves his daughter but enough is enough. Here's the story:

She is a pretty good kid but spoiled. When we married, she was 15 and lived with her mother who is a overly religious Christian nutcase who did things like call the police on my SD when she was 17 because she wanted a nose ring and the mom thought it was against scripture. This woman is morbidly obese, raised her kid on chicken nuggets or food at the church they were both constantly at. My SD was also obese at that point. The mom has an ok job at Boeing as an office worker but steals from the company. Thousands of dollars worth of movie tickets meant as perks for the engineers has been taken by her. My SD would give these to us as Christmas presents but I won't use them. She will take 30 plus other kids to the movies on a regular basis...

Anyway, once college came around, mom, who never went to college, tells the kid that it is God's will for her to go to a really bad bible college here where my husband and I live. This place is around 48,000.00 a year. Kid is no genius. Her SATs were crap. She it accepted at this college that accepts anyone and explores no other options. My husband and I told her to apply elsewhere. We can't afford this. Her mom certainly couldn't. SD and her mom get crazy loans. Mom is in debt already up to her ears. Kid gets two years into college and gets kicked out because there is no more loan money and Fed loans won't touch this with a 10 food pole.

This is exactly what I said would happen before she started this stupid college.

Now, the kid wants to live her over bloated lifestyle here. My husband has paid over two thousand dollars this month alone because of this mess to keep a roof over her head. Her mom is getting her pay checks garnished and can't manage money at all. I am left paying for my husband's food and medical and all daily bills while he shovels money to his 20 year old daughter. Meanwhile, I see posts on Facebook of her eating at places we don't go because a burger costs 20.00. She gets tattoo after tattoo, goes to concerts, etc.

I'm p*****! S**** this!

I offer and offer to help her transfer to the State college (I have my masters from there). She insists that she will be back at the bible college by the next semester. I know this won't happen. This God's will crap is getting far too thick.

Oh, did I mention the mom gave thousands of dollars to a strange man she met on the Internet and he took off with it? Then she went after some guy from her church and she was so obsessive he had to get a special restraining order for stalkers? (Mom lives two states away).

I do t want my SD going back to that pig of a woman. Since she left Seattle, she lost all the weight and shook off her mother's Carrie-like influence, but the kid is taking us for a ride. I've had it.

Helping is one thing. This situation is ridiculous, though.

Vent over. Thanks for reading.

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  • Wow. I despise overly religious people like that. They are the very ones with a ton of guilt bc they made bad life choices, so they try to condemn others to make themselves look good. The church just takes their money and they are completely ignorant to it. You sound a lot like myself . I have a stepson and have some of those same problems. Just put your foot down and tell your husband how you feel. Even if it requires acting like a b**** am going psycho on everyone to make them see your point. That's what I do.

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