The way companies paly with your life

I worked for an insurance for ten years. In the middle of a work day I was told they were going to lay me off. Complete surprise. One day I was gainfully employed and the nexit I was collecting unemployment checks. In the mean time I;m fifty years old.

After a great deal of difficulty I get another job and I stay working for six years. The company did a merger and voila. I'm unemployed again. Now I'm fifty eight.

OK I finally get yet another job with the state and after three and a half years they decide to lay whole departments off. by now I'm sixty three.

OK now no one wants to hire me. I'm too old . I take social security and live on savings and like I said social security.

Had I been able to retire form the insurance company where I had worked so hard and well I would be collecting a pension.

If I had been able to work till I was sixty six I would be collecting a small annuity at least and I woud have been able to use state health insurance.

Getting old isn't fun if your a billionaire much less being p*** poor like I am.

Oct 15, 2015

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  • Millennials who whine about how haaaard it is out here in the mean old real world need to STFU for three seconds and hear this. They're not the only group out there in rough shape financially, and the rest of us don't have mommy and daddy or a trust fund to fall back on ('08 was a h3ll of a year!!). You think it's hard to get an entry level job now, Britney? Wait until ageism kicks in. Then come cry about your difficult little life. And it will eventually, you won't be young forever and the job market will not improve in the meantime. OP is YOU in 30 years-- buckle the fvck up!

  • Sorry about the lay off and sure hope that you can find work soon. If you can, try to volunteer somewhere, take part time work or go back to increase your schooling. Karma's a b**** but what goes around comes around. Take care and good luck!

  • Man that really sucks. hope you find a way buddy.

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