I had to work for the rent money after my father died

Things were good for us. But then my father had a heart attack and he had to quit work. The company her worked for had a fundraiser for us, but it never came close to what he wasn't earning. Things went from bad to worse, and we ended up in a small rent house on the other side of town. Very few if any white people lived there.

My other worked at a small store but couldn't earn enough. I had to take up babysitting and my brother mowing lawns. My father declined in health and died and all the savings were used for his funeral. At the time I was 17. I was working in the afternoons at this local restaurant and regular, a man, came in around five every afternoon to eat his dinner before going home. I told him about my father dying and he was sincerely sorry to hear how bad things were for us.

He offered, he said it was a true offer, he wasn't pressuring me. But if I wanted to make some money I had to make him feel good. He wanted it all, complete **, in bed, naked. Oral and of course **. For each time he would give me thirty dollars, so if I wanted to make sixty a week then I would have ** with him twice, ninety a week was three times. If I thought about it, I could make 360 a month by being nice to him three times a week, cover my mother's rent.

I talked to my mother about it and she agreed as long as he was nice and didn't hurt me. We needed the money and it's not like girls haven't done that before. She gave me lots of pointers and told me never to let him do **, but like it or not I was going to have to get used to giving him oral **. Men liked the ** their knees sucking them off. It just came with the territory.

I made the rent money every month. With the rent paid, we were able to move up. My brother was able to get a job at the feed store and my mother changed jobs to work for Sears. As long as the rent was paid. That was my job. Get the rent money. I got the rent money, I never told my mother what all he liked, he liked it all and I did it all.

Jan 10

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