Stupid requests from your soon to be ex boss

I was caught up in a merger and my counterpart at the other company had seniority which means he got the job and I got the axe. I was asked to stay until the other company got set in. I should have told them to kiss my ass but since jobs were hard to come by I stayed until the end.

On the last day of my employment my ex manager wanted me to continue working on Saturdays. I ean how stupid.

I lived in excess of thirty miles from the company and they only wanted to pay me two hours wages. I mean it took me an hour to get there and hour to get back and about two hours working time. After the Saturday work was over I would have had to deliver the work to them which would mean another over sixty mile round trip.

I was so flabberghasted by this idiotic request that I just sat there saying nothing. I knew the new employee would refuse to work Saturdays but since I was no longer employed there why should I care?

I had friends who still worked there and they told me that like I said the new guy would refuse to work Saturdays.

If I was so great an employee why didn't they keep both of us? I mean with the merger the work load doubled.

As luck would have it the company went out of business five years later and I had a new job as warehouse manager of a company eight miles from my house.

I eventually retired but for some reason this still bugs me.

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  • Too funny, and true. Years ago, I resigned from a job due to being tired of it, and, the new manager and I didn't get along well. Right around the time I resigned, it was known she was being transferred to another office. On my last, actually working day, there were a few things, reports, notes, etc, that needed to be cleaned up, and I did my best, more or less, to do it. Also figured, hey, nobody ever gave me perfect files when they left..Why should I do it for my replacement?

    Anyway, during an increasingly passive-aggressive back and forth between the manager and myself, she said "You'll have to come in on Saturday to do these". To my response of "What part of I resign, as in, not working here anymore, did you not understand? I'm DONE".

    She made some statements, and I basically got my stuff and left. Already had my last check, plus pay for comp time (another cause of our issues...she wanted to deny comp time of over 60 hours, when the company did provide it), so, I had zero ties to them, or her, at all. Go in on a Saturday to finish files..Sure, you meet me here...Don't hold your breath, though.

  • It still bugs you because it was unbelievably rude and an incredible imposition on a person they had basically fired after having devoted himself to the company. In short, it was inexcusable. Fortunately, however, it was not unforgivable. We are programmed to think that forgiveness is about the one forgiven, not the one forgiving, but in this situation, forgiving them will do more for you than them (even though "they" no longer exist). So, the best thing for you is to forgive those responsible -- i.e., those who dreamed up that insulting and infuriating solution -- and allow the situation to drift into the mists of distant memory. Good luck.

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