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I've been in and off with my boyfriend for almost 7 years, he's my High school sweetheart. I love him very much,but I dont know that I'm in live with him anymore. He is a great provider and I can talk to him about anything. Lately, I've just been disgusted by him, he acts like a f***** child almost all the time and it's the most annoying thing any woman could ever possibly witness. All his family babies him which is why he's become so accustomed with it. It goes beyond his childish habits; I'm starting to become unattracted to him, he doesn't even try to look or smell good to me. I CONSTANTLY parade myself in front of him and he purposely ignores me. All he does is eat like a pig, yet complain and whine about his weight. I'm starting to resent him because I've repeatedly voiced my feelings towards and about him. I want to be in love with him, I want him to be my true love. Dont get me wrong, he's a good man, but my patience is wearing thin and we've been dancing to the same f****** song since high school. I'm to the point where I just wanna break up with him, not because I believe there is someone better but because I'm tired of having to tell a grown ass man how I want to be treated and that he needs to grow the f*** up (not financially because I am my own woman and can take care of myself, but emotionally and spirituality). A par t of me just wants to cheat and hope that it will bring me satisfaction but the other side of me just wants him gone and out of my life

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  • 7 years is a long time to be with someone. You met when you were teenagers and being in your early 20's, you guys are really still developing mentally and emotionally. And your experiences of being in other relationships is really limited. Whatever bad habits that you two have created from being together for so long is a cycle. Meaning how do you truly transition from a teenage relationship to an adult relationship and really grasp communication? Does that make sense? Will this work out? It can, but you guys have to do a lot of work. Consider, you both have only been with each other for the majority of your adult life. You both have limited life experiences that you can draw on. As you said, everyone enables him so he has no real reasons to do anything different or be motivated. And what are his consequences? The eating and the gaining weight, sounds like depression. Respect that with pretty much anything, change is hard and he has to want to lose weight for himself and look good and smell good. Never nag. You're not his mother. All that does is go in one ear and out the other. If you want to help him, suggest going on a hike or cooking together. Or that you care about his health. Most young men are driven by having a career. He needs to have a purpose in his life. What's he doing for work? Where's he going? The other thing is stop constantly parading yourself, it's not getting you anywhere. If you're going to cheat, then have the respect for yourself and your relationship to just break up and move on. This may relationship may have just run its course. Maybe a better discussion is to talk about your future and what that may or may not entail. And be realistic, this rough patch you're experiencing can rear it's head again down the line. So how do you deal?

  • Yes gal i agree. U aint married yet so try 2 escape frm tht suffocating relationship...plzzz!

  • Girl you need to run, Peter Pans' are best left with their titty mommies

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