Emotions are difficult

I sometimes feel like I have bipolar. I've researched it extensively and seem to have some symptoms and even recognise that I have manic and depressives periods. But in addition to that over the last few months I've noticed that I only seem to have 4 emotions that go to extremes:
Happy - where I laugh at everything and nothing bothers me (eg when chatting with close friends)
Angry - whenever I get p***** I just want to smack anybody in the face (anxiety social media and people can bring this on)
Despair - utter hopelessness and self loathing accompanied by General sadness (like normal depression - normally brought on by failure)
Numbness - about five after the initial extreme emotion has been felt and the moment is passed I drop into a state of numbness where I don't feel anything. When this happens people can snap me out of it but i like the feeling of numbness. I often feel most tired and hungry now

When I have these extreme emotions (esp anger and sadness) I find it incredibly hard to concentrate.
So what's wrong with me? Am I bipolar? Am I something else? Is this some form of anxiety (I've been diagnosed with anxiety)? Please, anyone who knows about this, what's wrong with me?

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  • That's social anxiety, just part of your regular anxiety. Now stop shopping for more edgy labels to make yourself seem more tragic and deal with what's on your plate!

  • Being bipolar muself, its possible. Have you tried getting help for it? Support groups?

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