Got caught by my mother in law

I went to the in laws on my lunch break to "pick up something I had left there". Unknown to me my mother in law was working from home and had popped out to the shops. She came back and found me wearing nothing but her panties wanking myself off to several pairs of her dirty panties and bras. I was so "in the zone" I didn't hear her come home and come upstairs. As I saw her I let go of my d*** but it was too much and I pathetically shot my load in front of her. In the panic I grabbed my clothes and ran off in her panties leaving the other pairs and my c** on the carpet. Once dressed I confessed to being attracted to her and begged her not to tell my wife. It's been 3 days and she hasn't but we're going over for dinner tonight. F*** knows how that will go!

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  • You still sniffing licking her panties

  • Just to update this, I f***** my motherland in law almost everyday for about 2 months, until she got pregnant. F***** up. Anyway she didn't keep it and we stopped. But it was so hot knowing I knocked her up and ended up f****** each other regularly. Long story short, I got her pregnant, whilst my wife was pregnant! She got rid of it again. We now only f*** occasionally, still no condoms, more fun this way, she know does a*** and sucks me off a lot. We know we should stop, but maybe after the next pregnancy lol

  • Get her alone and talk to her. She might be into it and bang you silly. I have milf mother in law that I found out what having an affair. I took pictures of her and the other mans texts convos and I confronted her about it. She said that she didn't know what I was talking about and if I left she wouldn't tell my wife what I "accused" her of. I told her I have the proof and I didn't know what I should do with it. She didn't believe me but when I showed her the messages she cried and frantically began trying to explain. (I didn't go into this thinking I would get s** from her mind you I wanted to just talk to her about why she was doing this). She begged and pleaded I delete the message and that she would break it off. A few months later she left her phone at our house and luckily I found it before my wife did. I checked to make sure she wasn't still talking with him and of course she was. I took the phone to there house and she knew I saw the messages. She took the phone and didn't say a word. I got a call the next day to meet her at the house for lunch to discuss the "situation". When I got there we talked and she offered me money, a vacation, to pay my bills, pretty much everything besides s** at first. I told her I didn't want anything but for her to stop it. That's when she got nervous and said I'll sleep with you right now if you never tell anyone about the other man. I was reluctant (like I said I didn't plan on sleeping with her even though she was hot as h*** and aroused me) but she grabbed my pants and forced them down and sucked me off. At that point it was on. She wears shirts for work so I pulled her skirt up and we banged. Every now and again we still do when we are alone and I never have told a soul about her affair or about us. Why ruin my marriage and hers if we both mutually agree to keep it a secret and have some fun on the side

  • Oh no.....

  • What a shame! Well young man brace up and man up to it all. Foremost you have to curb /terminate your inordinate affection. You are married for goodness sake. If you did not love this lady called your wife, you wouldn't have married her. Why not unleash all your sexual fantasies and desires on her?

    Divert your youthful energy to more productive ventures; work out, charity, reading books like "tough times never last . .." "purpose driven life" etc. you've got a whole life ahead of you. Set good life goals; excelling in your job, marriage and look forward to achieving them. Get excited about life. cheers.

  • Great advice, it really is and would have taken it onboard, except I went round to see my mother in law on her lunch break. We had a chat and then ended up having s**. It was amazing to see her naked body, she hadn't had s** in 10+ years or an o***** for 2-3yrs, she was so h**** and loved every minute of attention I gave her. I made sure I gave her an o***** worth waiting for. And for me, she was everything I had fantasised about. I kissed all over her sexy naked body whilst I gently f***** her. She was so tight to start with. Then after she came she told me to "f*** me like you f*** my daughter" while got me all going and I gave her a good pounding before losing my hold and c****** inside her without a condom! I know! So much wrong but just oh my f****** God was it great! She even gave me a pair of her dirty panties to wear under my boxers. I still have them on!

  • Hope you will love to have your dad (or some other men) take out all his sexual fantasy on your young wife; and "c** inside her" and get her pregnant and your dad tells her; "f*** me like you f*** my son . . ." and gives her his boxers to wear under his skirt? It will be hot; won't it? Do to others as you would like them to do to you.

  • Oh, but It will be hot under his skirt

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