In love with wifes best friend

Firstly we used to never reallly do anything other than gravitate to each other when out having big talks, touching and flirting, and stolen glances.

Ive noticed she seems to big me up to her sisters and family), say what a great guy i am etc. She has broken up from her longtime boyfried last year they have a young kid and the ex is a friend of mine who didnt take the break up well.
Shes told me her family were saying that wouldnt it be great if she could get with me. Leading me to think shes possibly spoken about feelings for me.

My relationship with my wife been together since 18yrs is at the point where we are going to try a break to test and then probably fully breakup, all amicble. We love each other but we re best friends more than anything these days. And she had an incident with a male friend of ours over a year ago... which has affected me in terms of trust and my level of commitment to the marriage.

I cant stop thinking about the friend. Ive had feelings for her since we we're teenagers she was the youngest in our group and i ve always been very protective of her.
But the last year it seems to have gotten a lot stronger between us.

When im with her im smitten and we both each make each other feel good about ourselves. I think shes in love with me but tries to not give too much away out of respect to her friendship to my wife. Ive tried teasing it out of her but she plays coy.

Recently things changed, we got very drunk on a trip and ended up kissing while out and couldnt keep sneaking away for kisses, and came close to going the whole way at our hotel the next morning.

We were a little freaked out about it after but ive told her since i didnt regret it and I care for her alot and would probably do it again.
I would love to tell her that im in love with her and want to take care of her as it is killing me to get it off my chest but Im not sure its fair while im not yet single.
Another point is our exes would definitely be very upset id say if we were to publicly got together.

Anyone gone through anything similar or can offer any helpful appreciate it :)

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  • I think you should go ahead and fuc k her. Dont go pulic. Until you are divorced after a year. But in the mean time. Just make yourself and her happy. It will be exciting and it is unavoiadable at this point.

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