Sick of it

Okay, so I am called "untalented" a lot. Especially at school. Why? Because I don't play any sports. Popular, obnoxious, sporty, girly little s**** will come up to me and say "Hey, [myname], do you play sports?" And I will reply with no. But every f****** time I do, they call me stupid, untalented, lame, and boring. Excuse me? All you do is play soccer, which almost everyone plays at my school. And I can draw pretty well, I play the toughest instrument in the world (and I'm pretty good at it), I skipped an entire grade, and do I get ANY F****** CREDIT?!? Nope. All I get is "untalented", "loser", and the occasional "lazy little a******". And this doesn't help with the fact that I've wanted to kill myself for months.

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  • That last part tho

  • Soccer big whoop, a bunch of Neanderthals can kick a ball! I say artistic abilities are more valuable IMO. S**** them losers, please don't let some mean immature kids with NO SKILLS take away your life. God Bless you I hope you find a good friend!

  • Yeah f*** sports. Do you know that you are the only YOU that has ever or will ever exist, yup you are that precious. Go and enjoy your life, stop worrying and let it happen. You say you play an instrument, well make that into something very positive. I tried for years to learn how to play the guitar, but I am s**** at it, I envy you and so will many others.
    Good luck, ps when I was your age I used to feel exactly the same but now as an adult I couldn't give a toss what others think about me. If people don't like me for what I am then they ain't worth knowing, so f*** 'em.

  • Nothing is worth killing yourself for. High school will be over soon. Grown ups are generally better than kids.

  • High school is full of a******* like this. When I was in school I couldn't play sports either. I had asthma and a very bad back. Even though they knew I was partially handicapped I still caught H*** in school for being a poor athlete.

    Since you are talented in other ways just try to bide your time till you can get out of there. Do not kill yourself.

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