I'm so attracted to older guys, I'm only 19

So.. I really love the thought of f****** and older guy. I also have a boyfriend and he is really good in bed, that's definitely not the thing. We're both the same age and everything's great but I definitely fantasize about older guys way more than him. And when I say older I mean like 30-47. The guy I like right now is 47 and in my family that is sooo so so wrong. I know the age difference is pretty big but there's just something about him and we really connect. He's super on board with everything and even said he would marry me. He doesn't seem to even show a little bit of shame or guilt or wrongness for wanting to be with me. I kind of also feel like I'm just being used because mostly he just talks about getting in my pants. But he sends me texts every morning. Don't get me wrong we do talk about other stuff, but for the most part just sexual stuff. Anyways I wish I could stop feeling so wrong about wanting to f*** him so badly. Is it really that wrong since im technically legal age. It's not illegal but it feels so wrong. Sooo thoughts?


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  • There is nothing wrong with having s** with an older man. You would be cheating on your boyfriend, but if he doesn't know about it, then no harm done. You should explore your sexual fantasies. But you must be careful not to get pregnant - I mean it is up to you to take precautions. This older man likes you - He texts you every morning, that means you are always on his mind! You are correct about feeling used, guys are just that way - But it's alright as long as you are happy. Marriage is not gonna happen with this guy - Not right now, but you don't want that yet, you are learning about yourself and do not want to be tied down to one man. Have s** with this man and see how he treats you afterward - But for you, have s** with him. It is complexity alright and you should never feel guilty about the age difference.

  • Wow i would like to txt

  • That is so sexy hot to me. I'm a 44 year old good looking guy. I am single too so I understand. I am so turned on by a young girl's tummy and navel. Send him a photo of you exposing your whole stomach and bellybutton right in his face. You will turn him on to the max. Un zipper your pants and open your sexy soft belly and deep navel right in his face. I would love that hon. Want to chat on yahoo IM?

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