Cheating Military Wife

My husband was assigned to Korea last spring. My friends husband is stationed there also. She told me that her husband saw mine with a Korean girl going into a hotel. At first I was mad then I decided two could play the game. He would be gone a year and I would be very lonely. I started looking around and decided our lawn boy by of two years was a prize, a 6 ft 2in high school athlete who graduated in May and very good looking and muscular, and very black as well. I invited him in for ice tea and we sat on the couch. I said to him, "If I was not married and a few years younger I would be after you for sure". He looked at me and said, "Don't let hat hold you back", and we looked into each other eyes and without a word into an embrace and kissing like a couple of high school kids on prom night. Needless to say we were soon in my bed having hot mind blowing s**. My husband is good but this kid may be better, anyway It felt good. We have been doing it since that initial time about twice a week. Now I am trying to plan for when my husband gets home, how I can have both of them,,,,so hot thinking of it. I know it is cheating but my husband started it and I need s** also. Now that I have started with my lover, I don't want to stop having him.

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  • What happens when he is away stops when he gets back. if it doesn't you will lose everything because you wrote it down. think - cause and effect

  • Sounds like you were just looking for an excuse to get some D***.

  • Once he finds out (and he will). Trust will be your worst nightmare. He will divorce you. Secrets & Lies will be what ultimately will bring all your future relationships down. I feel bad for time be more careful in choosing for love and not l***.

  • U dirty s*** how do u know ur friends husband wasn't lying

  • Good Point, however I have never known them to be vindictive, or less than truthful.

  • That black d*** got you coming back for more eh? lol

  • I do not blame you one bit. Go for it honey. He will not miss what he is not getting.

  • Okay its great to have s** with lovers more than husband type

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