Keeping out of trouble

There was a rumor that a big fight was going to happen at a burger joint near where I lived. My friend was all for going there to see the action.

One of our mutual friends was a guy I liked but he had a problem staying out of trouble. He was not above being a smart ass from time to time. There was also a rumor that toughs from different high schools were going to show up.

I stayed home but only after being called chickenshit by my friends, I told them I was not going and that was that.

Ok the next day I heard the news. Seven teens including both of my friends had been arrested for participating in a fight. One of the guys involved in this fight was in the hospital and another guy had both of his front teeth knocked out. I heard on the grapevine that replacing those teeth with gold and porcelain had cost his parents ovet two thousand dollars.

My friend was put on probation for one year and so was my other friend. He had two deep blue shiners and a very fat lip.

Too H*** with these losers. Why go to a situation where there was obviously going to be trouble and lots of it?

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  • Sucks they called you chicken. When you are really just a pu ssy.

    I bet yu would be that f** that would run if you and your buds were out at a bar and trouble came. These losers were being teen boys. They are the type we enentually need to be cops, firefighters, and soldiers.

  • Teenage boys are always trying to be Alpha - Stupid Really!

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