The truth...

When i read these s** websites where people are in sexual relationships that are no longer sexually satisfying and there's a lot of bullshit drama i thank god above i walked away from my own issues years ago.we were young and stupid and quite frankly didn't know each other until it was TOO LATE....11 years and three kids too late though god bless our children.i'm no f****** angel and there's always three sides to the truth...her's,mine and the past is disgusting but her past is far beyond disgusting, false accusations that put one of her uncles in jail for 3 years,certain rumors that turned out to be fact in regards to her brother [he not only told me but proved it]...she earned so much hate from her family due to her grandmothers heart attack and death,a grandmother who raised her since she was abandoned by her mother as a newborn 40 years we've been separated the demonic b**** and her husband use santeria [witchcraft] to alienate my grown children from i said i'm no angel because during those years of learning the truth i turned to alcohol and constantly beat the s*** out of her especially after discovering that one of my cousins had s** with her too...let's just say people had to call the police because i confronted my cousin outside his home and in front of his now ex-wife we nearly killed each other in a street fight that separated our family to this very day.due to the rules on this website i cannot go into sexual details but suffice it to say it's only by the grace of god that 40 years ago in our final moment of break-up and an eternal f*** you i didn't toss the radio into the bathtub with her while she was taking a bath because i thought about my mother who is today a breast cancer survivor and my children who though she alienated from me also managed to alienate from herself...i speak to both men and woman DON'T f*** up your lives behind bullshit sexual pleasures and blind love...we men are weak when it comes to s** but dangerous when we are deceived,woman disillusioned themselves when it comes to finding the perfect man and vengeful when her life is ruined..the only reality that awaits both of them is the truth DON'T waste your entire life finding it.

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