School in 1999

I'm a 32 year old male and I finished Bishop Perowne Church of England High in 1999... I really did hate going to school. I didn't mind playing Cricket or doing cross country in the summer but in my final year I had to choose a PE option that was not a contact risk sport because of a broken arm which shattered in 3 places and had almost taken 6 months to fully recover then 3 more months before I could even think about playing Cricket again.

The school gave me two options... was to take a GCSE in RE (being the default GCSE of a CE school) or take a PE GCSE in Dance as cross country was not on that list of possible GCSE's. The school seemed to believe that GCSE Dance would be a good alternative considering there would be no real risk of injury and it would benefit the course because they needed to fill there class number quota with there only being two other boys on the course.

Well I started the GCSE and didn't like it and skipped about a months worth of classes hiding in toilets, behind the sports hall and even going home until I was finally caught out walking In town stupid me. Will this resulted in two weeks worth of after school detention after school, This was the first time I had been given an after school detention the first few days in I was made to sit in a class watching videos on modern and cultural dance routines and then doing a write up on what I've seen.

Around 4 or 5 detentions in I was told I would be having a grade 2 dance assessment at the end of the 3rd week or something on those line don't remember the fine details. I was not really ready for this and all I could think of at the time is escaping, The first two hours me and the dance teacher (In this case I will call her Hannah, close to her real name but would not give her real name because there were only two dance teachers working at this school in 1999...) Hannah was probably around 30 with shortish brown hair, always tied back and an average body frame, male teachers seemed to always be taking to her and making special trips to her classes when I did start attending later in the year.

Well I never had proper dance wear and Hannah let me off and told me it would be okay to just wear my uniform this week but next week I would need to get something sorted because using the common room some students would pass thought on there way home which was embarrassing and I got a lot of stick for it.

The following week I was still not sorted and Hannah was not happy and told me I need to get something sorted by tomorrow I was let off again at the start of the week, the next day I was still not sorted with anything and she told me it was not good enough and something on the lines of you have had all weekend to get something sorted and I'm not taking this seriously and would report me to my parents.

She asked me what was in my locker and followed me all the way to it I opened it and I remember it only containing a new cross country t-shirt and swimming trucks and this towel. Hannah told me to pull those on for now and I told her I didn't wear that here and of course she threatened me with another 2 weeks worth of detention and my launch breaks indoors.

Well I grabbed my things and headed to the changing rooms to only find them locked, so I waited for Hannah to come out and she came out in this black weird leotard I asked her how come she changed and she said something like you need a partner for some of the routines but she was more concerned about me not being ready and when I told her about the changing rooms being locked she told me to get changed her in the corner or just use the girls changing room so I changed in the corner while she turned her back and we did most of the criteria she had planned I ended up with an ** when I made fully body contact with her and it was a little inappropriate if anything like this happened today but I had me hands on her and I had raging **, I assumed she knew because I remember panicking and I tried to hide it by pulling my t-shirt down but I felt her ** push against me and I remember going red and I felt like I was going to explode my face started to burn up and I told her I needed to stop she told me to go to the changing room or toilet and sort my self out. Well I tried to do that and when I came back she finished up the class and she asked me if I wanted go get a cold shower and get changed in the females changing room I remember saying no, Did I imagine she wanted something or was she just asking to be nice? did I mess up by saying no? I always think back to this.

Next Confession

My 18 year old stepdaughters **

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