Liar Liar

When I moved away 4 years ago I told everyone that I left my old city because I was a recovering cocaine addict and running from drug dealers I owed money to. (the real reason I left was because my mom wanted a break from my manic depression, so I had to live with my dad). The story spiraled out of control and when I moved back home a year later, all my peers thought thats why I left and it was too late to tell the truth; so I just pretend thats how my life actually went. Now im engaged and I feel like she is in love with a lie.

Jan 10, 2012

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  • Well Duhhhh. SHe *IS* in love with a lie. Rather a Liar. You admitted as much. It doesn't much matter WHY you lied... you lied. No matter how much you justify it, you lied.

    SO? Big Woop! Now you are qualified to be a politician! Or a used car salesman. Or a Business executive.

    The big question is..... what do you do about it? Is honesty at all important to you? Is your character at all important? Is your HONOR at all important? You need to decide what kind of man you want to be.

    Here are your choices... and they are only two.

    You can continue life as a liar.... no matter how noble your reasons are... ANYBODY who learns the truth about you will KNOW you are a liar. Those who learn the truth on their own will know you are an unrepentant liar to boot!

    OR... You can be an honest man. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake. As long as you don't KEEP making that same mistake cause after once, it's no longer a mistake... it's a behavior and a conscious choice.

    If you decide to be an unrepentant liar, well, you already know what that feels like but have you any idea what it will mean to your life in retrospect 40 years down the roar? Stop and thing about that for a minute. KNOWING that your closest confidants probably have you pegged as untrustworthy....

    If, however youo want to be an honest man... and be known for being an honest man... then all you must do is admit your error, first to yourself.... then to those you lied to. A liar can repent and change themselves.... tho my life's experience tells me VERY few have the testicular Strength to actually do that. Once you have admitted.... WITHOUT JUSTIFYING YOUR ACTIONS..... then you can begin to repair the damage.

    You will NEVER earn the absolute full trust of the people you lied to but you can regain your honor in their eyes and in the fullness of time as an honorable man those early mistakes can be overlooked. But NEVER expect them to be!

    And, if in the end you suffer from the narrow mindedness of the unforgiving for what you have done.... well, nothing in life is free my friend. THis is going to be painful in the short run but it's how you FINISH the game that counts!

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