Home alone

So we were staying at my wife’s moms house for the weekend they had both left for the night to stay with friends for a while I was just relaxing on the couch having a couple of beers when I went to use the bathroom upstairs I looked in at my mother in law’s bedroom and figured I would have a look at her underwear drawer when I opened the first one up there was the usual bras and panties and when I slid the next one open I could see that she had a nice picture of herself wearing panties and high heels I was amazed at how sexy she looked I took the picture with me downstairs and got a good look at it and started to get excited I took off my underwear and started to play with myself after a couple of minutes I got totally naked and was standing in front of the mirror I the living room when I heard the garage door open I made it back to the couch but didn’t have any time to put my underwear on when she came in she acted like everything was ok her picture was right there on the arm of the sofa she went in to office and when she came out she was holding a disposable camera she asked me if I wanted to take a couple of pictures of her and that her daughter wouldn’t be home until tomorrow morning I couldn’t say no to her because I was caught naked she started to take her dress off and when I looked at her panties she noticed that my package was getting big she told me to stand up while she laidback on the couch and spread her legs open she said she wanted a nice close up off her shaved lips when I took the first picture she started to spread her lips open nice and wide and asked me if I wanted to taste her shaved ass I got my lips on her and I was just getting started when my wife called the house I got to the phone and when she started to talk about her mom I just said she was sleeping

25 days

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  • Ever hear of punctuation?

  • And? Please continue, but good start.

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