i was with my ex boyfriend for 4 years. he was ugly. he was a loser. and i had this friend. who was gorgeous. who was everything i could ever ask for. who was perfect for me. i was perfect for him. he waited for me. my ex was mean, addicted, and abusive, not to mention disgustingly ugly. he looked like dimebag darrell. in a bad bad way. and never turned me on. i lied to him and said i hated s**. and i never wanted him to touch me. or me touch him. he was a bad kisser. very bad. all the time i was thinking of my friend. who after a crazy accidental night of partying, i found was a great kisser. finally we broke up. now i happen to be an attractive girl. i take really good care of myself. so he was devistated. i wasnt. i am now dating my friend. and it has been so perfect. i feel guilty because i have a perfect life and he has nothing. but i almost dont care. the things my friend does would bother me from anyone else. he calls me babe and it drives me wild. but if someone else did, it would annoy me. and he kisses me. and he doesnt beg me to have s** with him. he respects me. he loves me. for no reason. and i love him. so i dont feel too guilty about leaving my ex for my dream guy. he is perfect and so is our relationship. my ex even said he is jealous that my life is happy and his is a sad one. full of addiction and mental illness. but i have a beautiful relationship to keep me from caring....i'm wayy happy.


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  • your ex didn't treat u well, u have every right to move on

  • Good for U.... Babe

  • ^Yes, you sound like a b****. I wonder if your image of your ex being so bad isn't a reflection on yourself.

  • Nothing unusual about you, you're just a dime a dozen cold piece of s***. Life goes on.

  • you arent responsible for the other guy. so live on, and don't worry about him. ^^ But I'd still be a friend to him, if possible....if he needs help or someone to talk too. I'd be there. :)

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