What's wrong with me?!

I have to be moving all the time. If I don't I get so hot and nervous and I look like a freak! It is so hard for me to control my anger. One day this guy was making fun of me after class and I got so angry that I punched him then kick him in the b****. It felt good to hurt him. I like when people get hurt or cry. It makes me feel better. I like watching people get hit or sometimes killed. Like in movies when someone kills someone I love that feeling, and I want people to be sacred of me but I can't do that because I am a shy sad girl that has problems....

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  • Can you "control" it when you're spazzing out and the only target nearby is bigger and meaner than you? I'm thinking you can. Get help before someone "helps" you in a way that will require a hospital stay.


  • You said it, you've got problems. Go get help before you turn into a proper crazy c***.

  • Get professional help - like right now! You have a serious anger management problem that will ruin your life if you don't get help now.

    You remind me of the girl who kneed me in the b**** when I was in junior college. When I had to be driven to the hospital she was so proud of herself that she couldn't keep from laughing. I hope you enjoy this story because she really did hurt me; and yes, I really did cry.

    Nevertheless, this sadistic b**** went on to be a professional model. She was screwed over by every pervert in the industry. She was beaten up by several boyfriends. She became an alcoholic and she never married.

    If you think you like drama then I can tell you that there are guys in this world who will give you more drama than you can possibly handle......

    You have no future unless you can find some way to embrace love and to kick out your violent hatred.

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