Tried it, liked it.

I have read about the married but available lifestyle and it appealed to me. i thought about it a lot and finally worked up enough courage to tell my husband. he was shocked and became very scared that i was intending to leave him. he wanted to know what he did wrong, what could he do better and why i didn't tell him earlier he was failing as a husband. i told him he was not failing as a husband. i said i love him more now than when we married. i said i had no intentions of ever leaving him. but, i felt that i was less desirable and not sexy anymore. i just wanted that feeling i used to get when a new man found me sexy and wanted me. god, i love that feeling. i noticed our s** life had gone from every night to once or twice a month and it just frustrated me to the point that i would cry. often he would initiate s** with me, but i felt so dowdy and sexless and would tell him later. later became the routine and after a while he quit asking me for s**. i kept my self in good shape despite having three kids but that did not mean i felt desirable. i felt like a mom, a cook, a housekeeper, a driver, a working housewife... any thing but a desired woman. we talked about my MLB fantasy in bed often in the following months. i noticed while we talked about it, i would get very h****. my husband noticed my reactions and encouraged me to talk more and more about it. then i noticed he was getting very turned on my the thought of me f****** another man. one night i said i wanted to buy a MLB necklace and anklet and wear them into a club and see what happens. i really wanted a man to hit on me. i got the jewelry. at work i would think about wearing it into a club and i would daydream about men picking me up. i guess my attitude started reflecting my daydreams because guys started flirting with me and then were flat out hitting on me. when i told my husband that men were asking me out and how much it turned men on, he got more interested, excited even, in having me put on my MLB jewelry and go to a night club. finally, after about a year of talking and fantasizing, i went out to a nice bar wearing my MLB necklace. it was an awesome night. a really cute guy asked me if the necklace meant i was a business major. he was dumbfounded when i said it meant i was married but available. with in an hour, he had swept me off my feet into a bed at a motel down the road. what a night! when he was looking at my naked body, i told him i had three kids and he said no way that body had three kids. god that felt good. we had s** for hours, i came four or five times. i was on top, i was on the bottom, i was doing it doggy style. god, he thrusted with such enthusiasm. i got home about two a.m. my husband said that i looked like i was glowing. i told him everything and took him to bed and he had very sloppy seconds and he loved it. he was f****** me like he was my boyfriend again. i go out once a week, always wearing my necklace. i end up in a motel room every time. i have had many men and each one renews that sexy feeling. i am having s** at least four times a week with my husband and he can't keep his hands off me.

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  • I'm a British s***, my husband is impotent and told me to get some c*** and enjoys me telling him the details. Know he wants to watch me take several c**** at the same time and tonight is the night, I can't wait

  • I am married as well like you but my husband a few years ago actually encouraged me to have another guy but he really likes to join in or watch although occasionally I have been on my own but it isn't as much fun because having at least two men at once knowing that I am there for their pleasure because having four hands and two mouths is the ultimate

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