My "relationship"

I have been in a "relationship" with a guy for almost 2 years, on and off. But he has a girlfriend with a son and one on the way, who he's been with the entire time we were together. We live a few hours away and have not seen each other in person, since we were younger. We grew up together, so I have seen him before. He came to where I live to visit his family and we planned to meet up twice but he didnt show up. I have sent him 2 pictures (nudes) that I terribly regret and he has sent me his. I really want to meet up with him still and I'm hoping to lose my virginity to him, but I don't think we'll end up together in the future

Jan 17, 2016

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  • Why do you wanna be 2nd option so bad? I thinks there's some self esteem issues you need to get looked at. Dude is basically married, and you're hoping he gives scraps of his time so he can be your 1st. Go get you a single man, nobody likes a home wrecker/ side chick.

  • You have already wasted 2 years. How many more years are you going to give up? Why are you so hung up on some guy that is clearly not available? He has 2 kids.. And you still insist on keeping in touch with him. Look in the mirror and tell yourself and then believe that you deserve so much more. This guy will take your virginity and probably use you for s** if you let him. But he will choose his gf and kids all the time and you will be left alone. Open your eyes.. or if you continue with this deadend "relationship" don't complain about it.

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