Don't want people to message you from Facebook, log the f*** out. Don't want to wake up to text messages or phone calls, put your phone on silent, alarm only. Don't b**** at me because it says you're online and you're really not. You have f****** smart phones people. Yet when you need to bother me when I'm busy its okay? I'm just overall done with people getting pissy at me for s*** similar to this. Like they f*** up and I'm just like whatever, but I happen to mess up a tiny bit and they go bitchzilla on me. I have f****** problems too but I'm supposed to be ultra nice when you break down or have ditzy moments but you insult me or tell me to get over it? I'm tired of being nice. I want out of this fuckplace.

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  • Welcome to a world where everyone is the precious center of their own very special universe, and whoever doesn't worship them the way they want is an a******. 7.7 billion of us, increasing daily. And at least half of them are as self-centered as OP describes. Enjoy the shitshow, everyone!

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