In front of us

My girlfriend fingered herself in front of my best friend. She went out clubbing with a bunch of friends. I got a text from her friend saying that she'd been sick from drinking too much and that I should come pick her up. Me and my buddy drove into the city to go get her. She was inebriated. We managed to get her home and I carried her upstairs to bed. She was wearing a short skirt and I was conciouss that my friend could see her panties as i had her in my arms. I put her into bed. My friend brought a bucket upstairs in case she needed it. She'd slightly sobered up by then but she was still very drunk. She started saying how horney she was. I couldn't tell if she realized that Tom was there or not. I kept telling her to be quiet. She lifted up her skirt, put in hands in her panties and started playing with herself. I was about to stop her but she looked over and asked if we wanted to see her p****. I said no but she pulled down her panties to her ankles, turned around on the bed and rubbed her wet lips in front of her. I was quite nervous. Tom was just staring at her. I told him we should leave but she begged us to stay and watch. So we did. And she came in front of us.

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  • Message her pics on

  • Mmmmmmmm keep her and amuse your buddies..... Let them c** all over her bunghole as she masturbates

  • Definitely a s***.

  • Your gf is a w****, no offense , 2 options u either tell her into a s** s*** for u and w**** her out or she probably going to do that anyways behind ur back, i doubt first time she gets drunk and did that, she probably wnated to have s** with both of u... sounded hot btw

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