Gave up principles and went back to ex who is married.

I was 16 when I met him and fell in love for the first time. What I didnt know was he was not who he told me he was. He was 17 years older to me and swept me off my feet. He didnt tell me he was living in with another woman. I had no idea and he was in love with me too. He was the first man to hold my hand and the first to kiss me. He was everything to me. Two and half years later he told me over a fb chat that he was going to get married. I was only 18. I did not know how to deal with and struggled for a few months and out of fear of being alone I started dating my best friend even though I was no where close to getting over my ex. Barely anytime had passed before he came right back and we started talking again but I didnt admit the fact that I was in love with him. But now, 3 years since we broke up, I broke up with my best friend and went right back to my ex who is MARRIED. I never had s** with him for some reason but today, we were together again and even though s** didnt happen, everything else did. I made out with a MARRIED man because I am SO F****** in love with him. I CANNOT let go even though I get to meet him only thrice a year for a few hours a few days. EVEN then I just f****** CANNOT get out of this because I LOVE him. What will happen to me. SIX years I have wasted.

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  • If you continue this, you're going to hate yourself, and you're going to be depressed for as long as you're with him (without being WITH him, if you get my drift). Hate HIM, instead, and dump his sorry ass. Don't wait. Do it today. Tell him, "Sayonara, d-bag!!!"

  • You think it's love, but he's just using you. And the quicker your heart can catch up with your head, you can put this behind you and really begin to live your life. Men can be very simple to figure out sometimes. If they like you and want you, you will know. If he wanted to actually be with you all the time, he would leave his wife. But he doesn' you get him when it's good for him. And you need to end all contact with him. You will waste your entire life on someone who will never be yours. You deserve more. And even right now for you to find another guy is not the right thing to do. You need to spend time on you. Therapy is a good suggestion - could be very helpful. When you say you CANNOT.. you need to learn to say CAN and WILL. And that may be what you need help with. I think meeting this older guy at such a young age has affected your emotional maturity.

  • Dear Friend.
    Please stop wasting your life and get into therapy in order to better understand what you want of a relationship. Take care now.

  • Don't waste your life move on he has and he dos t want you because if he did he would be with you

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