Girls: I kicked my ex in the nuts

I dated my ex-boyfriend for about a year. I broke up with him because he cheated on me with 3 other girls and verbally abused me. Anyway, I saw him at a party a while back and he confronted me in a hallway. We were alone and he said we “had to get back together.” I said no so he grabbed my arm and twisted. I broke free and kicked him as hard as I could right in the b****! I was able to catch both of his babymakers and drive those suckers hard with my pointed boots. After I rocked his b*******, he fell down and puked. The look on his face was priceless.

Anyway, I guess I got him so good his nuts swelled up to the size of oranges and one ruptured and had to be removed (I play college soccer so I know how to blast a b*******!). I feel a little bad but I’ve also heard he has been telling people he will never mess with a girl again and says he is glad I did not rupture his other nut. He now wears an athletic cup protector all the time to save his remaining jewel. My girlfriends on the soccer team now call me the "nut remover" and say I should hang up a fake pair of nuts like a hunting trophy on a tombstone background with the words "RIP Brian's Nuts-Destroyed By Girl Power" underneath them. Other people say I should hang up a guy's athletic cup as a symbol of female power of male weakness.

Any other good nicknames? And what should I hang up?

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  • Why you gotta be so rude kid

  • Ya, your right

  • The #######

  • The bully

  • You are tyrant

  • And did you

  • You should feel ashamed you f****** half murderer

  • Verbal abuse what a joke look what u did to him over some petty bullshit kill yourself you stupid waste of life

  • Get over yourself he probably cheat cause ur no good in bed

  • You should be in prison

  • I'm into female domination, would you kick me in the b**** for money? Not hard enough to rupture them, but enough to get me to cry and try to crawl away. It would be hot if I was naked in the changing rooms, your soccer team was there watching and laughing, I'd just ask that you were in high heels. Mistress Ball Destroyer would be a good name.

  • Nut cracker should work!

  • I think it's great that you were able to defend yourself; assuming that's really why you kicked him in the b****. However, my question for you is this; "Why do girls feel the need to brag about kicking guys in the b****?.

    Brian's nutz were destroyed by girl power just as easily as your face could be destroyed by guy power. Maybe that will put it all in perspective for you?

  • Yours is a sad story of revenge. Ever thought about getting into therapy and processing the hurt that you experienced from your Ex? Maybe that would help to move you out the rage-state that you still seem to be in. Take care now.

  • Good for you pet.

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