Odd set of circumstances story that happened where I used to work

My department had a new manager. There were six of us there. One day the new manager decided to give a small raise to everyone but me. He said I should know more than what I did. The situation wasn't my fault they had confined me to a situation and I was unable to learn just then but I would have in time.

Although the raise was small I was mad. There was an opening downstairs and I put in for it. I got the job. Same salary.

Five months due to politics my former workmates got laid off. Had I stayed I would have had to walk out the door with them. My former fellow workers were bitter at the company and mad at me although I had nothing to do with their losing their jobs. I felt bad but glad I still had a job.

Three years pass and then they laid me off. Politics took my job this time.

Its hard for me to believe but one of my former co workers called my home to ask how I felt about getting laid off. I was hard put to find something to say but I told them I had to find another job just like they had had to do.

Like I said at least one person wanted to rub my termination in even after not seeing me for three years.

For the record I was hired elsewhere in four months.

Nov 20

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