I've been with my gf almost 2 years. We've been through it all together good and bad. Just recently I lost my job her parents never liked me since the beginning never will. Since I lost my job her brother has been willing to help me out doing labor work so I took the offer. But every now and then my gf will go spend time with her family and her dad is a business guy so he gives her money every time she goes. Sometimes when we're in public and I have a certain amount to spend I set limits on things and tend to be very very strict with stuff. Today we went grocery shopping for basics as we're halfway shopping she says btw my dad gave me money I look at her and continue shopping for my basics. She gets disappointed and starts throwing stuff on the trolley once we hit the self checkout I we argue over something ridiculous and she says if I've got it all basically saying well I've got plenty pounds for it all and you've only got so much to spend so are you sure you want to argue with my even if you have a point. So I say I don't need your money and keep my basics going. After awhile it's done we purchase everything from her take as we walk to the vehicle I feel agitated. My gf only thinks I care about her money her dad gives her when I really don't care I honestly find it all annoying. and don't really want her money majority of times its just bragging about her family which her family never really wanted her to move in with me because of my economic situation but she did because she "loves" me. I've told her plenty of times if she doesn't like the life style the door is right there I really don't love her but I do care about her dearly so what should I do keep standing her disrespectful stunts she pulls or just leave her and do me find myself a job not handed and feel that because her brother is willing to help I shall put up with b.s from her when In reality I find myself to be good alone without all this stupidity

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  • Dear Friend,
    Maybe you two should split for a while until she regains respect for you. Didn't you know these things about her before you two moved in together? Couples or pastoral counseling might help you two if you can swing it. Take care and try not to tear each other down during this difficult period and good luck finding a new job soon.

  • It's okay to move on because you cannot afford couple's therapy to fix this situation. In the future, don't spoil your girl so much.

  • Dude be a d*** to her ignore her walk away just leave her tell her she needs to go pack her s***

  • If you don't love her bro just leave her! Your actually making things h****** yourself to me it seems like you have this anger inside of you raging and mixed up with resentment? Forgive but don't forget bro. At the end of the day if you choose to stay with her or not you have to accept the fact that they are her blood and you will have to put up with them for ever it's an equal share just like she puts up with your family I'm sure as well two becomes one. Think about what you really want and don't waste each others time if you really don't love her let her go she should understand you don't love her let it be heard you can't force no one to feel the same but you can keep memories bro do what's best for you and make the choice you feel is right good luck

  • She knows I don't love her but she insists we try again so basically I'm stuck it's not the fact of help before her I was perfectly fine now I'm stuck with her and I hate it

  • No you're not stuck. Stop placating the situation. Tell her, it's not working. No matter how many times you start again, the relationship is over. But she probably takes that you being nice or whatever as giving her hope. Tell her she needs to move out. Or make it seem like your roommates. Live your life, makes sure she sleeps on the couch or whatever. You should just stay busy all the time. Or be a huge d***. Meaning when she wants to do something, say sure and then flake. Keep her waiting. Or you could say (lie), I met a girl and would like to begin dating her so we need to break up. Just be really blunt.

  • Let's ignore everything that you think is the issue and concentrate on really what the issues is. Look at your sentence., towards the end don't love her. If you don't love her, then break up with her instead of leading her on. You're not doing anyone any justice, including your relationship. And it sounds that no matter what this girl does or doesn't do it's just wrong. You say you care for her greatly. But really, you are leading this girl on by staying with her. She most likely wants and needs a guy that loves her. You are also holding her family and what they do for her against her. She doesn't need to justify where she gets money - no one does. There are a lot of parents who give their adult children money here and there. And there are parents who don't. It's life. If she wants to contribute, what difference does it make. She didn't rob a bank. Part of being in a relationship is giving. There are a lot of people who don't even blink and wouldn't even consider helping. She wants to help, let her help. Swallow your pride. You're the one with the issue. But regardless..going back to the first statement.. you don't love her, so break up with her and then all these issues will be gone until you find the next girl who will have some other issue that seems super unfair to you.

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