Pls help I need advice. My concession is real and screwed

This is my real confession please comment and offer advice. I work full time minimum wage 40 hours a week it's nonstop work and I come home so tired and depressed. Every month I budget but my bills keep going up and up so I'm in debt every month!

This has made me addicted to looking at p*** for release and when I go to sleep at night I wish I could never wake up. I just bought a pair of shoes for work that's how poor I am my old ones falling to bits and I have like two shirts for work. My family is really poor apart from my brother he has managed to get really well off!

My brother is rich, quite well off, just finished a job for government and had 200 people below him. He is marrying a rich Jewish woman who works for Israeli government and she is paid even more than him! Anyway he is converting to be Jewish and having a rich Jewish wedding in France in a few months. I have refused to go as he hasn't helped me once and I believe actions speak louder than words.

Last year I was so depressed I learnt to drive in my spare time to achieve something... As my life was just eat sleep work. Lessons cost a lot but I saved up. He didn't help with one lesson. Nor when I bought an old car he didn't help. Then when it broke down he still didn't help!

He expects me to attend his rich Jewish wedding, where the family are ridiculously rich and they are all staying in 1000 a night hotel rooms yet I'm poor and he doesn't help me. Do you think he is selfish? I refuse to attend as I said he could atleast try to help with my electricity bill or anything. He said he will pay for me but obhiously not to stay in a nice hotel. Also he said he COULD help me but why should he give money for free to his brother?

He told me I could run his Twitter account for him and be paid and sent me all lists of things he needs doing but I said I work full time I get tired in evenings. He acted like I don't know what responsibility is and he is all wise trying to teach me to earn money etc

I work full time and he said 8 hours a day is nothing but has he tired working in a crap job? Our parents are also poor and there roof is leaking they are elderly and have nothing he doesn't help them. Yet he has a lavish wedding.

Do you think it's cruel he doesn't just help people? I can't work two jobs I'm depressed and if he gave me a full time job I would do it but expecting me to work for him on my evenings off is too much.


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  • Wow kinda in the same boat here.
    I've worked very hard over the past 65 years without ever drawing unemployment or even food stamps. I never quit one job without having another job to go to immediately. I never quit one job unless I could improve myself by stepping up the ladder so to speak. I got married raised 2 boys and a daughter and worked up to 100 hours a week to give them what I never had. My oldest son is a multi billionaire and my other son is a bum, my daughter disowns me so she isn't in my life at all. All the work I have done all I have now is social security and try living on 1200 a month. My car broke down and my oldest son wouldn't give me the money to get it repaired but he said he'd loan me the money at 12 % interest I told him no thanks and a friend of mine in another town loaned me the money to get it repaired $2,138 and he said if I could pay it back don't worry about it and I accepted his generous offer. My lawn mower quit running and I asked my oldest son for the money to buy another he sent me $25 and told me that should be enough to get a used one that runs.

  • You ever see a second hand self propelled mower for 25 bucks? I ended us walking the highway collecting beer and pop cans and in five months I got $111 and with the money I scraped up depriving myself of decent food I finally got enough to get a new self propelled walk behind mower for $136 and now I can at least keep my lawn mowed. I am 78 years old now, I live alone for my wife died 8 years ago and left me deep in debt which I ended up not paying off her credit cards which she owed over 83K well the bank after running up over 14K in interest settled for 8000 and I had no money to pay that off so they put a lien on my home, well I guess they will get their money eventually. Income tax time and I get a letter from

  • Bank of America saying they declared a write off of 83K and I would have to pay income tax on that amount went to H&R block and they did my taxes for free and they said I would have4 to pay IRS almost 12K because the so called write off BofA so called gave me they just put me deeper into debt now I owe IRS almost 8K in back taxes and fines and it keeps getting bigger and bigger and my oldest son wont even help me out, thank god they can't get my social security for that is all I have to live on and it cost me almost what I get in medical bills and prescriptions for I am on high doses of pain killers because I ruined my back doing things I shouldn't have when I was younger and blown my back out big time and there's nothing they can do for it but control the pain with high doses of pain killers and this is where y youngest son he stole them fro9m me when I moved to be closer to them and I went without for 3 1/2 weeks and ended up in the hospital because of him. Not only did he steal my pain medication, but my check book and wrote almost 800 in bad checks which I got some of the money back off of them but I still had to make some 600 bucks good, now him and I aren't talking and my oldest son blames me for his addiction because he stole my meds from me, he says I should have had them in a safe and locked up and I told him why don't you give me the money to buy one and I will from now on and he said he wasn't going to help me no more. Well guess what, all three of my kids will get $1.00 each when I die and what is left after the IRS and Bank of America get what they want the rest is going to ASPCA.

  • Yep. His money his choice. Personally I would help you. Not giving you free money but opprotunities to help yourself. Which he did. He asked you to run his twitter account. You refused. 8 hours a day 40 hours a week of work is nothing. You should ask him how many hours he worked to get where he is at. Sounds like you are just a lazy whining little b****.

  • Wow fk u

  • I agree with the other poster. You do sounf like a pathetic lazy b******.

  • Your question, "is it cruel of him?"... I would say it depends. What you are dealing with is a cultural value that is different for different cultures. I don't know where you are from so I don't know what the cultural expectations your family may have. In stereotypical African and some Asian cultures, this would be a very negative behavior of your brother. However, in more Western or individualist socities, your expectations of your brother to help you financially would be in appropriate. I am not saying one culture's values are better than the the other, just that they are different. Regardless, if he wants you at the wedding, and you can't afford it, let him pay your expenses and be thankful for the trip. If he won't cover expenses for your trip, don't go.

  • Why should he? So because he has money, it's his responsibility to fix everyone else's problems? No. If he CHOOSES to give you money to help, hey, great. But there is absolutely no obligation for him to do so, and it's incredibly unfair of you to attack him for spending HIS money the way HE wants to.

  • ''to fix everyone elses problems'' i wouldnt call a brother ''everyone else''. You dont get unlimited brothers or sisters? Yes, he CHOOSES not to help and actions speak louder than words. CHOOSING not to help when you COULD shows you are NOT a nice person and not worthy of a relationship. It isnt unfair to expect family who are wealthy to help the same blood who are poor.

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