Hi Halle!

I know that you know that I've been sleeping with your husband, but there's something you don't know. I mean, it's weird -- isn't it? -- that you were the popular girl all through high school and college who got all the guys, and I was the nerdy one who never got asked out on dates hardly, and we were the odd couple as friends, but then I got your husband to sneak around behind your back to get with me, and to get in between my legs, and then we stopped bothering to hide the fact that we were lovers. Well, guess what? I'm pregnant! Aren't you happy for me??? And guess what else? Your husband is the father!!!!! Yes, I did trick/trap him, but he loves me for doing it. But anywho, your marriage will be ending soon, and your husband will be leaving home to come to me and our baby. And all those times you were so s***** to me when we were growing up together???!? This is payback, you f****** s***. Karma is a b****. And so am I.


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  • You said it yourself, karma is b****, wait for it

  • What a cruel thing to do someone! Have you no shame? And now a child has to be born to someone as immature and fiendish as you? You're right, what goes around comes around, and nothing good can come to you for doing this.

  • 1. Gets impregnated by a married man
    2. Thinks he'd ever be faithful
    3. Is delusional enough to believe he's going to leave his wife

    Well done.

  • Your a stupid b**** and I feel sorry for the child. Also I would bet you $50 it's not his. You sound like a 2 cent trick and I'm sure that loser isn't the only one that been in your s*****. Hallie the w**** ain't worth it! She has never had any trouble finding a man than and I'm sure she won't now!

  • Lol you're so dumb if he will cheat on her he will cheat on you! Aren't you glad you got a s***** man for a father of your child! Well if she was so popular back then it'll be easy for her to find a better man while you're stuck with a old gross one! Lol you are soooo dumb whoever you are

  • Unfortunately you are enjoying s** for the wrong reasons. You will not keep a cheater like him. Once a cheater always a cheater.

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