So here I'am, a 36 y/o man, who is married, to the woman of his dreams, with a lovely home, beautiful children, and a good job.
But,I'am unsure at what to do, it's been hard for me to admit, that I crossdress, but I'm at the point now, I want to my wife, but do not want to hurt her, or lose her....HELP!!

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  • You are going to lose her.
    There is zero support for women whoose partners become gay or transgendered.
    All of the support will be for you.
    She will be cut loose and told to deal with it.
    There is nothing for her.
    There is only pain in her future.
    If you want to go further down this path let her go now because it is going to take her years to revover.
    It was selfish of you to take her on this journey with you without giving her a choice to do so or not.
    Done is done.
    It is time to confess now.
    If she freaks out and says terrible things to you it is your fault because she went into this blindfolded while your eyes were wide open.
    She thought she was dating a fully male husband.
    You may feel vulenerable but you are protected by law. She is the one who will be laughed at and bullied by everyone that knows. Her womanhood and value will be questioned. People will blame her and torment her.
    Confess and support her through this. The process will take years but do not lash out at her. The situation is based on your secret. If you do this right her love and support can be there for you.
    If you leave her hanging she will never forgive you and rightly so.
    You owe her an apology and your support. If you do this with kindness, compassion and respect the situation is salvageable

  • I'd love to f*** you dressed as a woman

  • Keep your secret. What will you accomplish by telling anyone? What is the objective of outing yourself?
    No one will understand it at all.

  • Thanks for the advice, but I wouldn't want her to 'accidentally' find out...

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