Fantasy came true!

My wife and I have frequently shared fantasies while making love. One night she blurted out, I want a young black guy for real to see how it is. I said, OK sweetie, I will just do that for your birthday present. One day in the mall, she pointed to a young black guy sitting on a bench and said, "I want him".
I moved to the bench and started talking, like have you ever bee with a white woman? Want to? etc. I pointed out my wife who was window shopping nearby and asked him how he would like to have her. He said, "Looks like a hot momma to me"!
To be brief, he agreed to be our guest over the week end. My wife slept with him, I heard them playing like teen agers. Next morning I looked in the room and wife was naked, as was the black lover, they were sleeping with arms around each other. Finally they were up around noon, ate some food and went back to bed.........they were really h**** for each other. This was about two weeks ago and now she wants to do it again. I do not think it is a good idea. Should I allow it?

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  • Should you allow it? Are you kidding? Your marriage is already over. Your wife doesn't need your permission. She's probably f****** him when you're at work. Of course, she wants to do it again. You're boring in bed and can't satisfy her the way her new lover can. What about your needs? Who do you want to bring into the bedroom? Because really, there are no rules anymore.. it's not really an open marriage. You just brought a 3rd person into your bedroom.. big mistake.

  • If you don't put a stop to this now, it will end with your wife leaving you for him. In between, she will gradually want him more than once a week, more than once every few days, and finally more than once a day. Get the picture? You are out of the picture. Sure, you'll still be allowed to pay their bills, car notes, mortgage payments, insurance and all the rest, but the only real "relationship" will be theirs, and the only one getting her p**** will be him. It may already be too late to stop him from taking over your role in her life, but if you give him another weekend like the one he just had with her, she'll be ruined for everything except black d***. Tell her she has to stop now, and just pray that she stops. Once my wife started getting black d*** there wasn't anything I could offer her that she wanted except for the checkbook and the credit cards.

  • You've opened up a can of worms and now you might not be able to close it. If you continue to allow strangers to have s** with your wife, you might risk putting your marriage, health and safety at risk. Now decide.

  • You stupid c*** he may as well f*** you up the a*** you idiot

  • If you have an open marriage and that's what turns your wife on Sexually at this time In her life why not. Used a hotel not your home . When it comes to strangers because strangers can be just that very strange . when you're experimenting openly about sexual fantasies it's always hard once you start telling your other half no.

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